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  • Who we are:  Canine Behavioral Services is a family-owned and operated specialty dog training business, situated on 3 country acres in Hope Valley, Rhode Island.

  • What we do:  We offer an all-natural, highly specialized and customizable behavioral training method for positively modifying undesirable dog behavior.

  • Where we do it:  Our dog training services are offered to owners in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont & New Jersey.

A commitment to work with our team will reap incredible benefits for years to come.


Basic Manners Puppy Workshop

Basic Manners Puppy Workshop

Training Program: Basic Manners Puppy Workshop
Program Start Date: April 18, 2015

We enrolled our puppy in the Basic Manners Puppy Program with Canine Behavioral Services. She was out of control and ...
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The Socialization of Shea

The Socialization of Shea

Training Program: Positive Association Workshop
Program Start Date: March 22, 2014

My beautiful 5-year old Labrador Retriever Mix named Shea was becoming more reactive with other dogs during our ...
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Ferocious Female Fighting

Ferocious Female Fighting

Training Program: In-Patient Program
Program Start Date:  March 3, 2010

Greetings fellow dog owners, Brian was our savior!  We introduced a rescue German Shepherd (GSD-F) with lots of issues to ...
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