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Welcome To

The Kind Canine

A DayTraining Camp & Social Learning Club

for Dog-Friendly Dogs

The Kind Canine is a “members-only” DayTraining Camp & Doggie DayCare Club where dog-friendly dogs spend their day productively in the company of other like-minded, dog-friendly canines while being guided, trained & exercised by experienced behavior trainers who truly know what they are doing when it comes to helpings dogs be the best dogs that they can be!

At The Kind Canine – we offer 2 different Services

DayTraining Camp


Doggie DayCare

What is DayTraining Camp?

DayTraining Camp is a daily drop-off and pick-up style “training camp” for dog-friendly dogs.
During DayTraining, our trainers focus their time and efforts on 3 main objectives:

  • Loose-Leash Walking; with & without Distractions
  • Recall Training; working to Off-Leash
  • On-Leash Greetings; with both Humans & Dogs
  • Fully socialized dogs will see lots of “free-play” time with other dogs 
  • We facilitate lots of safe and productive Play Sessions between dogs
  • Our environment is set up perfectly for Socially Facilitated Learning
  • Dogs who need “a little help” are matched with “Canine Mentor” dogs
  • Dogs Training Dogs – there is no more natural way for a dog to learn

More details on these topics can be found below.

What is Doggie DayCare?

Doggie DayCare is a daily owner-facilitated drop-off and pick-up style service (Transport Service is available) where dogs are set up for safe & fun social interactions with other like-minded dog-friendly dogs.

Doggie DayCare is NOT a Training Program or Service
Doggie DayCare is ONLY for dog-friendly dogs

PLEASE NOTE: Any dog that is NOT a current Client here at CBS Inc. will be required to go through a 1-Day Social Behavior Assessment before acceptance into either DayCare or DayTraining Camp

  • Social Behavior Assessment: $95.00
  • If your dog passes their first day is FREE!

The Kind Canine is open Monday – Friday.

Drop-Off Time Frame:  7:30 am – 9:00 am
Pick-Up Time Frame: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Transport Service is available upon request;  1 week advanced notice required

Private Owner Lessons for DayTraining ONLY

By Appointment Only; on Saturday and Sunday morning each week one of our Trainers will be available to meet with you by appointment, for up to an hour. 

This extra time allows our Trainer adequate time to work with you at a more detailed pace and Private Owner Lessons are able to provide much more thorough demonstrations.

– Private Owner Lessons are scheduled either Saturday or Sunday, on the hour from 9 am – 12 pm

Private Owner Lessons last up to 1 hour and require advanced scheduling

Private Owner Lessons are billed at a rate of $50.00 (per hour)

…your dog MUST be:

  • Dog-Friendly; if there is any doubt as to whether your dog is “dog-friendly”, we can set you up with a 1-Day Behavioral Assessment to find out for sure!

  • Age; at least 6 months old to attend either  Camp or DayCare

  • Vaccinations must be current; dogs attending DayTraining must provide the following:
    • proof of current Distemper & Bordatella Vaccinations 
    • a copy of their dog’s Rabies Certificate  
  • ANY level of Aggression 
  • Fears or Phobias
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Puppies under 6 months of age

Foundational Basic Training Exercises

What exactly is Loose-Leash Walking?

Loose-Leash Walking, or LLW, proceeds on the mutual understanding between the dog and handler that the human is LEADING the way while the dog assumes the responsibility of keeping the leash 100% slack at all times…simply by following the Leader.

As well, a fully Loose-Leash Walk trained dog would predict with great accuracy exactly what behavior causes him or her to experience an Undesirable Consequence.

LLWT dogs would never pull on their leash as they believe it is their responsibility to keep the leash loose, at all times!

How long does it take to teach a dog to Loose-Leash Walk?

Well, to be honest…if I am teaching the dog to walk only with me, I can teach that dog in under 5 minutes!  But I’ve had a little practice…

For the average dog & owner team…it will likely take:

  • 3-5 DayTraining Camp Days to develop solid Loose-Leash Walking skills with little to no distractions
  • 5-10 DayTraining Camp Days to develop solid Loose-Leash Walking skills with mild to moderate distractions
  • 10+ DayTraining Camp Days to develop solid Loose-Leash Walking skills with major distractions, such as another dog barking at it a few feet away

What exactly is the Recall Exercise?

In a “nutshell”, Recall is when the human or owner calls their dog to “Come” here to Recall them to their location. 

From our Training Perspective…

Solid Recall; the dog “come when called” with great consistency, while Off-Leash with no real Distractions.

  • It will likely take the average dog 3-5 Training Camp Days to develop a Solid Recall

Super-Solid Recall;
the dog will “come when called” with great consistency, while Off-Leash with Mild Distractions

  • It will likely take the average dog 5-10 Training Camp Days to develop a Super-Solid Recall

On-Leash Greetings

For far too many dog owners, meeting & greeting others, while on leash, is a very stressful undertaking.

The one question they hope to avoid at all costs is…”can I pet your dog?”

Or, “can my dog meet your dog?”

These questions send so many owners into an immediate state of anxiety & stress which in turn, tells their dogs to be on alert and to not trust the person and or dog they are just about to meet! 

I can tell you with great confidence – it just doesn’t have to be that way!

With our all-natural, force-free On-Leash Greeting training, we can help you and your dog find peace and balance when encountering & interacting with strangers and other dogs while in public.

Please Note;
it would be incorrect to say that ALL dogs can meet ALL other dogs on Leash in a calm, balanced way.  Therefore, the goal of our On-Leash Greeting Training is to help your dog learn how to behave appropriately when encountering ANY other dog while on leash…but NOT necessarily coming into physical contact with the other dog(s)

Positive Canine Socialization & Social Learning

Socialization; (noun)

  1. the activity of mixing socially with others
  2. the process learning to behave in a certain way that is acceptable to society
Canine Socialization is the practice of positively acclimating your dog to other people and pets to help them better behave in a variety of real world situations.
Canine Socialization prepares puppies & dogs to participate in a social group by allowing the group to teach them acceptable norms and expectations.
In our Canine Socialization training process your dog will spend time with new dogs & humans to help them feel safer, and more comfortable, being in all different types of situations

Our Canine Socialization training has three primary goals: teaching Impulse Control and developing a conscience, preparing dogs to perform certain social roles, and cultivating shared sources of education, meaning and value.

The socialization period usually occurs between 3 and 12 weeks of age and it is a sensitive period for the development of long-lasting social attachments and foundational memories.

The Canine Socialization Period is often considered to be the most influential learning period for a dog with regards to living within the domestic human household

What exactly is Social Facilitation?

Social Facilitation is defined as when the performance of a behavior by an animal increases the probability of other animals also engaging in that behavior or increasing the intensity, frequency and reliability, of the behavior or behavioral patterns.

Here at CBS Inc,…this is our “secret sauce”, if you will.

Working with and utilizing all-natural Social Facilitation along with Allelomimetic Behavior, we are able to help dogs in a way that only other dogs can.

For some many dogs, learning from their own kind in a “language” that they clearly understand is a long awaited respite from the all-too-common human-derived, verbally commanded dog training that is way too pervasive in today’s society, in my opinion!

Our parent company, Canine Behavioral Services Inc, is owned & operated by Certified Professional Dog Trainer and behavior specialist, Brian P Manning CPDT-KA.

One of the great benefits of this is that all dogs in our care are constantly and consistently supervised by our well-experienced behavioral training staff of PackLeaders.

Regardless of what brings a dog here to us, there is one single thing we focus on above and beyond all else…and that is SAFETY

It makes little difference whether a dog comes here for a few nights of social SleepOver while their owner is away…or maybe the dog is here for 6+ weeks of intensive Behavioral Rehabilitation – there is one thing we focus on first.  SAFETY is always our #1 concern. 

The safety of your dog, the dog’s in our care as well as the safety of my team…there is nothing we take more seriously than this!

DayTraining Camp

Camp Inclusions

  • Loose-Leash Walkin Training;  2 Loose-Leash Walks per day @ 20-30 mins each
  • Recall Exercise Sessions;  2 Recall Exercise Sessions per day @ 20-30 mins each
  • On-Leash Greetings;  3-4 On-Leash Greeting Exercise Sessions per day
  • Positive Canine Socialization; 2-3 hours of supervised “play” with balanced dogs
  • Socially-Facilitated Learning;  your dog will observe & learn from our expert Pack Dogs

Doggie DayCare

Basic Entry Requirements

  • Must be at least 6 months of age
  • Must be proven to be dog-friendly
  • Must be current on Distemper, Bordatella & Rabies
  • NO Aggression or Fear/Anxiety based behaviors accepted


Single Day – $95.00 per day
5 Day Package – $85.00 per day

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Single Day – $45.00 per day
5 Day Package – $35.00 per day

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Why send your dog to The Kind Canine?

In 2005, when I first started my research into Doggy Daycare…they were not very common.  Now, they’re everywhere with more opening their doors every year. One of the down-sides of this specific business-type is that it does NOT require ANY experience working with dogs to hang an OPEN sign on the door of ANY “Doggy Daycare” business, anywhere!

But, more importantly…dogs that are easily influenced can learn to develop some really bad habits when all they do all day is play as hard as they can…which is what most Daycares offer.  After all, the hope is that the owner will pick-up a dog who is too tired to cause much of a fuss when back at home.

The problem is, that dog doesn’t remain tired for long and the owners find out real quickly that their dog is far more energetic on the “days off” than before Daycare!

So, while there is clearly no shortage of options of where you can bring your dog during the day, the real question is…is Doggy Daycare good for you and your dog?

Just suppose, somebody came up with an offering where dogs can go during the day, while their owners are working, and rather than just haphazardly playing ALL day…the dogs are actually learning skills, in a natural way without force and intimidation, to use in the real world.

How would owners like it if they could have their dogs actually trained with real-world skills and get a quick “tutorial” of what their dog learned that day when they drop off or pick up their fully-enriched dog at the end of the day?

In closing, I think most owners understand that their dogs are highly social animals and if their dog’s need for early Socialization is not provided during the crucial Critical Learning Period, what we have learned is that the dog will potentially mature into an adult dog with varying degrees of anti-social behaviors.

This, in turn, greatly increases the chances that this dog will end up in a shelter, or worse! 

The real tragedy here is that this is a totally preventable outcome but it requires great sacrifice at a time when that sacrifice can be too difficult for some owners to bear.  

In my experience, for those owners who are able to put their own needs and emotions aside for a short period of time when they first get their puppy, or adult dog and allow their dog to learn from its own kind…under the safe and secure guidance of trained professionals…well, that sacrifice will “pay them back” for years to come!