Canine Behavior Training

The MOST comprehensive, All-Natural Canine Behavior Training Programs ever available…anywhere!

Canine Behavior Training

Expert Board & Train Programs treating MODERATE to SEVERE behaviors

Considering most Aggression cases utlizing our all-natural, socially facilitated Methodology

This Program is NOT like the others!

The easiest way to understand what we do here is to know that there are
really only 2 basic ways that any Trainer can work with Dog Behavior

The most common way we see that owners & Trainers try to CONTROL dog behavior is through

Obedience Training with Verbal Commands

To be 100% clear – we do NOT offer Obedience Training here at CBS Inc. 

There are 3 major drawbacks to Obedience Training with Verbal Commands

  1. It requires the owner to ALWAYS tell the dog what to do EVERY time.  Commands never “go away”
  2. Most Obedience Training offers ineffective “Corrections” if the dog chooses an incorrect behavior.
  3. Obedience Training seems to work fine in “practice” but almost never when the owner needs it!

The inherent problem with Obedience Training is that the dog NEVER learns to change their own behavior and oftentimes they learn to avoid or “stop listening” to the owner resulting in the need for more aversive “corrections” in an effort to CONTROL their dog’s behavior.

This is the #1 reason why so many Obedience Trainers are opting to use eCollars, or Shock Collars in their effort to get dogs to “listen & obey”

At the end of the day, it makes absolutely no sense to us to work with a Training Style that requires us to ALWAYS tell the dog what to do and even worse – it most often doesn’t “work” when we need it to!

Fortunately for us and the dogs we work with – there IS A BETTER WAY!


Here at CBS Inc. our preferred Training Style would be referred to as

All-Natural Behavior Modification & Training.

Rather than constantly yelling unintelligible words to the dogs we work with, in an effort to gain compliance and get them to obey, we choose to set up a Training regimen that will allow the dogs to learn which Behaviors to CHOOSE THE CORRECT BEHAVIOR ON THEIR OWN – without being repeatedly told!

There are 3 major advantages to All-Natural Behavior Modification Training

  1. The dog to learn to consistently choose the Correct Desired Behavior – No Verbal Commands!
  2. The dog actually believes it was his or her idea to change their own behavior, naturally!
  3. This all-natural training process is Force-Free and does NOT rely on “Corrections”

When you’re able to offer the type of Training that allows the dog to learn to choose the Correct Desired Behavior in place of any Undesirable Behavior, on his or her own without the need for any “commands”…well, the dog is likely to choose that behavior forever!

When a dog believes it was his or her idea to offer a specific Behavior and that Behavior produces the Desired Outcome that the dog was looking for…well, this is what produces Behavioral Consistency while it creates Behavioral Balance…naturally, without Force, Coercion, Intimidation, Bribery, etc.

For more on the stark differences between Natural Behavior Training and Obedience Training:

Check out our Blog @ The BloghouseBehavior Training vs. Obedience Training

Accepting the following MODERATE to SEVERE Behavior issues...

Fear-Based Reactivity & Associated Behaviors
On or Off-Leash / With or Without Aggression

Anxiety-Driven Behaviors
Separation Anxiety, Stranger Greetings, etc.

Anti-Social Canine Behaviors
Poor Sociability with one or more dogs

Any & All Forms of Aggression
Territorial Aggression, Barrier Frustration, Resource Guarding,
Leash Reactivity, Stranger/Owner Aggression, 
Dog to Dog Aggression (our “Specialty”)

Canine Behavior Training Program Details

 CBT1 – Level 1

  • For cases that are assessed as more moderate than severe
  • For cases with mild to moderate Aggression 
    • dogs with a Bite History may be accepted in CBT Level 2

CBT2 – Level 2

  • Addressing ALL levels of moderate to severe behavioral issues
  • We will consider any case with a documented Bite History 
  • CBT2 is for cases involving Fear or Anxiety Based Behaviors

Once an owner has completed & submitted a Training Inquiry, we will offer our Training Program Recommendation based upon the past training history and behavioral details, provided by the owner, on the Training Enrollment Inquiry Form.

Canine Behavioral Services Inc. reserves the right to decline service to any dog / owner, at any time, without a requirement or provide a reason

  • Canine Behavior Training – Level 1 (CBT1)


    • 3 Weeks (21 days) of socially-facilitated Behavioral Board & Train
    • 1 Re-Home Session at the end of Board & Train (lasting up to 3 hours)
    • 1 Follow-Up SleepOver Reservation (3-day minimum)
    • 1 Follow-Up At-Home Session to support you and your family at home
  • Canine Behavior Training – Level 2 (CBT2)


    • 5 Weeks (35 days) of socially-facilitated Behavioral Board & Train 
    • 1 Re-Home Session at the end of Board & Train (lasting up to 3 hours)
    • 1 Follow-Up SleepOver Reservation (3-day minimum)
    • 2 Follow-Up At-Home Sessions to support you and your family

All CBS Training Programs include Unlimited Support for the life of your dog!

The Canine Behavior Training  is our ONLY offering to treat Aggression cases

  • Accepting most Aggression cases
    • Dogs with a Bite History:
      • may ONLY qualify for the CBT Program Level 2
      • are assessed and accepted or declined on a case-by-case basis
    • Dogs with No Bite History:
      • are assessed and accepted or declined on a case-by-case basis
      • are not guaranteed to qualify for the CBT Level 1 Program

All owner submitted Training Inquiries are assessed on a “case-by-case” basis and accepted or declined based upon the facts, behavioral history
and all other
details provided by the owner.

  • PET Sessions: offered ONLY in our Canine Behavior Training Programs

  • Our Expert Trainers will bring your dog to a public space to work towards improved behavior
    • locations such as Pet Smart, Home Depot, Tractor Supply, etc.
    • real training work in real-world environments in order to strengthen & proof positive behavioral changes

In ALL animal groups, Social Facilitation occurs EVERYWHERE in nature! 

    • Your dog will follow the lead of the more socially balanced dogs

      • Often referred to as “monkey see, monkey do”!

  • Social Interaction & Play are daily events and will enhance joyful learning
  • NOBODY can teach a dog about behavior better than a well-balanced dog

Our Canine Behavior Training (CBT) Program is easily the most comprehensive, socially facilitated behavior training program in the Northeast US helping you reach your goals!

Along with successfully addressing your specific concerns, every CBT canine enrollee will leave Training with three basic foundational behaviors that we “install” in every case before we can proudly call them a “Graduate“. 

First off, you’ll be able to enjoy the…Auto-Sit!  

The Auto-Sit (AS) is where your dog learns to place his butt down to the ground, without ANY commands, whenever her or she “wants” anything.  Think of it as your dog saying “Please” without having to be told all the time!

Even better is …100% Loose-Leash Walking

Oh my goodness what a relief it is!!  Loose-Leash Walking (LLW) with a dog on a completely slack lead where your attentive buddy is actually watching and following you as the Leader!  I will “show-off” your dog’s ability to Follow the Leader as well as teaching you how to Lead!

And lastly, included in every CBT Program, along with the AS & LLW is a super solid Recall!  

Speaking for myself, my team and so many dog owners, a dog’s ability to Recall (R) with Distractions could be the difference between life and no life/no dog.  We have an incredibly effective, safe, force-free, positive-based Recall Exercise that is hands down the most successful & safe solution to a very common problem of your dog not “not coming when called” 

I promise you, there’s a much better way.  Follow me, I’ll show you the way!


Harnessing the power of two all-naturally occurring learning processes, Social Facilitation & Allelomimetic Behavior, our experienced Trainers and Pack of well-balanced dogs, can help any dog to improve their own behavior. 

Under the consistent guidance of our expert human trainers, dogs enrolled in our Canine Behavior Training Programs experience a safe, natural training environment, using scientifically-proven behavioral training processes and practices. 

The result of this style of training is a calmer, more confident dog who will choose the more appropriate behavior in any of life’s situations!

Why is Board & Train so much more successful?

Many highly committed and loving dog owners contact us hoping they will be able to change their dog’s severe, and oftentimes dangerous, behavior with just Private Training Sessions (at the owners home).

Oh man, I truly wish it were that easy!

In my many years of experience working with owners and training their dogs, I have learned that most owners are just way “too close” to the dog and their undesirable behavior patterns are inextricably intertwined. 

In reality, unless the owner just welcomed a new rescue dog into the family…every owner is “part & parcel” of the development of the very undesirable behaviors they now wish to extinguish. 

From the dog’s perspective, because they are under the belief that their owner actually “taught them” to be this way (unintentionally, of course)…this can be VERY confusing to the dog and will most often lead to stagnant or non-existent progress in any training efforts.

Well then, what does work? 

I’m glad you asked!  In my experience, the most effective and natural way to modify from the mildest to the most severe behavior issues actually requires the dog to spend some time away from the owners.  

This is called Board & Train.

During this time, under the guidance of expert Behavioral Trainers leading a Pack of experienced, socially adept, behaviorally balanced canines, the dog here for training will learn how to make vastly improved choices and subsequently, will exhibit vastly improved behaviors.

The previous undesirable behaviors will no longer be unintentionally reinforced so they can begin the path towards extinction while being replaced with calm, confident and consistent positive behavior patterns and choices.

Dogs that are fortunate enough to come here for training will actually learn how to choose the behavior that produces the most predictable and positive outcome, on his or her own, without the need for the owner to continuously repeat largely ineffective verbal commands. 

With the help of our Pack of well-balanced dogs and expert human PackLeaders, your dog can enjoy the rest of his or her behaviorally balanced, socially enriching life alongside their two-legged best-friend!

Training Program & Enrollment Details

People ask us all the time, “what are the…

steps to having a Better Calmer Behaved dog?"

Well, we’re glad you asked! 

Check out the 5 easy steps below!

Steps to Enrollment

Click the Submit An Enrollment Inquiry link above!

  • If we have questions we will contact you for more information
  • If we accept your case, we will respond by email with:
    • Program Acceptance or our Recommendation
    • Exact Rate Quote for your Service Area
  • The Exact Rate Quote we send will be valid for 48 hours
  • To secure a spot in line for Scheduling, Accept Your Quote

At the moment you Accept Your Quote, you will be prompted to submit the required Deposit

  • A $100 Deposit is required to receive & secure Scheduling
    • The Deposit is refundable for up to 48 hours

  • Once we receive your Deposit, we will send to you by email
    • Scheduling Options: 2-3 options for your Service Area

Advanced Scheduling is recommended and often required!

  • You will choose the following important dates:
    • Drop-Off/Start Date
    • Re-Home Session (weekend availability is limited)
      • We recommend all direct family members attend 

Once Scheduling is confirmed, we’ll send these forms for completion:

  • Questionnaire: due no later than 4 days prior to Start 
  • Services Agreement: signature within 48 hours of receipt
  • Services Invoice: all Training Program Fees & Balances are to be paid no later than 96 hours prior to the Drop-Off Date/Time

What specific Behavior Problems

does the Canine Behavior Training

successfully treat?

Canine Behavior Training Programs treat MILD to SEVERE Behavioral Issues on a case by case basis

MILD to SEVERE Canine Behavior Issues
including but not limited to:

  • Human, Stranger & Dog directed Aggression
    • Dogs with No Bite History may qualify for CBT Level 1

  • Anxiety or Fear-Based Aggression
    • “Stranger Danger”, Re-Directed Aggression, Prior
      Dog Attacks, Leash Reactivity, etc.

  • Territorial Aggression
    • Resource Guarding, Barrier Frustration, etc.

Aggression issues are accepted on a case by case basis.

We reserve the right to decline acceptance of any Aggression case.

  • Including but not limited to:
    • Destructive Chewing
    • House-Soiling
    • Excessive Vocalization
      • including Separation Anxiety

This is our behavioral specialty!  Right in our “wheelhouse”!

  • With all-natural Social Facilitation, our Pack will help your dog:
    • Feel safer  in canine social encounters
    • Display vastly improved, socially acceptable behaviors
    • Learn to allow you the human to control their Safety
    • Our Pack of calm, balanced dogs will show the way!
  • This Program will greatly curb nuisance behaviors:
    • Incessant and/or Excessive Barking
    • Unnecessary Whining
    • Personal Space Encroachment & Violations
    • Any & All Undesirable Attention-Seeking Behaviors!
  • including Leash Reactivity – with or without Aggression
  • PET Sessions will show great improvement where it matters!

About our Canine Behavior Training Programs

Unlike your typical 2 week Board & Train programs offered by other companies in their effort to treat EVERY behavior, our highly-specialized, one-of-a-kind Canine Behavior Training Programs have your dog living with us alongside our highly-experienced Pack of well-balanced dogs who will “pave the way” for some incredible behavioral changes to occur. 

Working here in a relatively familiar “home-type” setting, we can successfully address even the most severe behavioral issues, such as Aggression.  Replicating this “home-type” environment is critical when it comes to modifying tough behaviors and creates a much better chance at long-term success.

Dogs don’t live in “kennels”, they live in homes – thus, they don’t behave the same way in a kennel as they do at home.  One of the reasons our Program can be twice as long as our competitors is because we take an all-natural approach. 

We don’t even start the training process until the dog feels 100% safe in this environment so that he or she can begin to behave “normally”!

Our absolute #1 concern when working with dogs, especially your dog, is SAFETY. 

Whether it’s the safety of our Pack dogs, the dogs in our care or our staff here…we are keenly aware of the potential issues involved in working with dogs exhibiting Aggression and have a proven track record of professionalism and safety.