Weight-Loss Camp For Dogs

Stop the suffering!  Dog’s who are signifiantly overweight will experience a shorter life expectancy and diminished quality of life!

Weight-Loss Camp For Dogs

Don’t forget about your canine friend!  As Americans are becoming more and more overweight, our dogs are also becoming overweight right alongside us. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), obesity is the fourth leading cause for canine deaths, and as many as 20% of dogs in North America are currently overweight.

Is your dog overweight? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. Don’t be fooled by fluffy dogs.  If you stand over your dog and look down, you should be able to see a waistline beyond the ribs. 

Your dog IS overweight if:

  • your dog’s sides are equal from chest to hips
  • you put your hands on your dog’s sides, you aren’t able to feel its ribs
  • all you can feel is a soft, thick padding
Treating Overweight or Obese Dogs

Proper portion-sizing and a quality dog food that will decrease the dogs daily caloric intake is absolutely essential when it comes to healthy & effective weight loss.  During our Program, we will provide low-calorie, high-fiber premium quality dog food and treats while also ensuring your dog experiences a daily fun-filled exercise routine that will gradually help your dog get in better shape and will allow for optimum burning of fat & calories!

Once we are able to help your dog reach his or her optimum, healthy weight, we will provide Unlimited Support to you and your family so you can help your dog maintain that healthy weight for life!

Fido Fat Camp – Weight Loss Program

This Program starts by having you take your dog to your Vet (or we can bring your pup to ours for an additional cost) for a health exam & check-up to ensure he or she is in good health before beginning our weight loss plan and exercise regime.  Either way, we would also have our Vet  review your dog’s health exam results prior to being admitted into the Program.

While here at Fido Fat-Camp, we keep owners abreast of their dogsh Re-Home Session, at-your-home lasting up to 2 hours, where we teach you and your family how to help your pet maintain the wonderful weight loss that occurred in Camp.  The average Weight-Loss Program duration will range from 30-60 days depending on how much weight your pet needed to lose!

Weight Loss Camp for Dogs

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