Our Training Methodology

Pack Dynamic Training is our preferred All-Natural Behavior Training Methodology

All-Natural, Force-Free & Fun

Here at Canine Behavioral Services Inc., we are a cohesive team of skilled and knowledgable humans – along with a group of experienced, behaviorally sound canines – who utilize scientifically-sound, natural behavior training processes & protocols to help dogs safely extinguish Undesirable Behavior practices while “installing” new Positive Behavior Patterns that will last the rest of their lives

Nobody…I mean NOBODY can help a dog learn to practice new behaviors, like another dog!

We do this through a process we call Behavior Training. 

Unlike Obedience Training, with Behavior Training there’s no need for all those ineffective “verbal commands” and best of all, we’re not spending time on a type of training that doesn’t work when we need it to most!

What exactly is Behavior Training?  

Behavior Training creates a natural learning environment that teaches the dog how to consistently choose the correct Positive Behavior on their own, in any given situation, without needing to be “told”. 

While Obedience Training relies on the dog’s willingness to comply with the human’s often repeated verbal commands, Behavior Training “trains” the dog to choose the correct behavior before or without being told. 

No verbal commands are necessary!

In a nutshell – Behavior Training teaches the dog to choose the correct behavior, in any given situation, without the need for ineffective verbal commands. 

That’s it.  It’s that simple and straight-forward!

Improving Self-Confidence through Socialization & Play

An integral part of our all-natural approach to dog Behavior Training is what we call Pack Dynamic Training.

By matching dogs that lack Social & Self-Confidence, or who are Socially-Challenged, with our confident & experienced Pack Dogs, we can help facilitate Social Behavior Improvement unlike you’ll find in no other training modality!

Through consistent positive canine social interactions with our confident & experienced Pack Dogs, other imbalanced dogs learn how to feel better about themselves and how to exhibit more socially-acceptable behaviors.

It’s taken many years of hard work to get here but we are uniquely qualified to help dogs in ways that others can’t, treating behaviors and issues successfully, where others have failed.

We do this largely through play and social interaction without the need to use force or verbal commands. 

No Shock Collars. No Pinch Collars.
No Anger. No Intimidation.

We have found that supervised Play and safe Social Interaction facilitate a greater desire and capacity for learning in dogs.

It’s amazing how much dogs learn when they feel happy & safe!

Dogs come away from our Natural Behavior Training programs with newfound calm and confidence, believing it was their idea to change their own behavior!

The great thing is – with some ongoing commitment to change from the owner, this level of behavioral change can last forever! 

The dogs who experience our Pack Dynamic Training process find it to be incredibly enriching and rewarding….just check out our Testimonials to see what other owners have said about their experiences with us here at CBS.

We are not aware of any other Trainer in the area that offers this level of comprehensive Natural Behavior Training using an experienced Pack of well-balanced dogs.

It’s likely that there are no other trainers in New England (and maybe beyond) harnessing the incredibly all-natural, organic incredibly powerful Power of the Pack


NO Shock Collars!


In our Force-Free Natural Behavior Training, we rely on scientifically sound & proven safe practices, protocols & techniques to help dogs, and their owners to experience once-in-a-lifetime type results in this dog-centric natural learning process.

With our Natural Behavior Training practices & protocols, we do not utilize or rely on pain, force, intimidation, or repeated verbal commands, to get the dog to “listen”.  Our process is the farthest thing from that! 

We do NOT use Force.

We do NOT use eCollars, Remote Training Collars, Shock Collars, Pinch Collars, Prong Collars, or any other tool or technique that causes a dog pain when they choose the incorrect behavior – which is often due to the lack of effective training in the first place!  


What types of Behavior Issues do you work with?

With Natural Behavior Training, we can successfully treat or work with all levels of Undesirable Behavior (UB). 

This process is especially successful with cases that involve dogs exhibiting Fear or Anxiety Based Behaviors.

As well, our Natural Behavior Training has the ability to successfully treat almost all levels of Aggression.

Working with scientifically safe and proven Classical & Operant Conditioning processes and exercises while expertly harnessing the all-natural effects and benefits of Allelomimetic BehaviorSocial Facilitation, we have the ability to help dogs and their owners in a way that simply isn’t found anywhere else.


In Summary…

In all the 20+ years I have been fortunate enough to work with dogs – I have realized one very important revelation. 

Nobody, I mean NOBODY, can help a dog to naturally improve or adjust their own behavior like a group of well-balanced dogs!

I would not go so far as to say that our Natural Behavior Training process makes us “better” than other trainers or training methods…that’s not our judgment to make. 

Nor did we somehow “invent” this process.  Nature “invented” it!

We have just learned how to harness it to help other dogs in need of some assistance, education and guidance. 

What EXACTLY is Allelomimetic Behavior & Social Facilitation?

Allelomimetic Behavior

Allelomimetic Behavior is defined as a range of activities in which the performance of a behavior increases the possibility of that behavior being performed by other animals nearby. In layman's terms - this is more colorfully referred to as "monkey see, monkey do"...or more poignantly, "doggie see, doggie do!".

Social Facilitation

Social Facilitation is defined as when the performance of a behavior by an animal increases the probability of other animals also engaging in that behavior or increasing the intensity, frequency and reliability, of the behavior or behavioral patterns.

Here’s what we know…

By taking a scientifically sound, all-natural approach to dog training while prioritizing your dog’s needs and motivating factors, we can naturally lead and guide your dog into choosing on their own – the most proper acceptable behaviors without the need for harsh corrections or intimidation (think Shock Collars & Pinch Collars) used by some trainers to achieve quick results.  

When using those “FORCE-methods”, there is such a high risk of serious side-effects as well as the inevitable degrading of the relationship between the dog and owner.

Not to mention those “quick” results almost never last.

We prefer to take a much more pro-nature stance when training dogs…no force or fear of pain. 

Whether you are interested in simply teaching your dog to walk well on a Loose-Leash, or have a dog with severe behavioral issues, we here at Canine Behavioral Services Inc. have the proven professional ability and experience to help your dog vastly improve his or her behavior and set the tone for a future of peace, harmony and behavioral balance! 

We know that finding the right trainer for you can be a difficult decision and we truly appreciate and thank you for your time and consideration.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.  We’re here for you 100% of the way!