Canine Manners Camp

Our proven successful Canine Manners Camp is the most socially-enriching Dog Training Program available anywhere!

Canine Manners Camp

An All-Natural, Socially-Facilitated Board & Train Program

Accepting cases of up to MILD Behavioral Issues in dog-friendly dogs of all ages!

Using Positive Force Free Methods ONLY!

No Shock Collars

The Canine Manners Camp is an all-natural, socially facilitated Board & Train Program, for dog-friendly dogs, addressing up to MILD Behavior Issues.

This specific Training Program is not set-up to address any MODERATE to SEVERE long-standing behavior issues. 

Rather, this offering is focused on creating a safe, social environment where your maturing dog will learn to offer the correct, desired behavior on his or her own, without the need for constant annoying verbal commands.

Manners Camp will accept the following MILD behavior issues...

Jumping Up
Pulling on Leash
Poor Leash Manners
Not Coming When Called
Attention Seeking Behaviors
Destructive Chewing
Poor Door Greetings
Crate Training
And many more…


Behavior issues that are NOT accepted in Manners Camp...

ANY Level of Aggression – dog or human
Fear-Based Reactivity – on or off Leash
Anxiety-Driven Behaviors – such as Separation Anxiety

During every Canine Manners Camp stay, your dog will live alongside our own expert Pack of well-balanced and experienced dogs in our clean and modern home-kennel type environment, with our owner and Lead Behavioral Trainer (Brian Manning, CPDT-KA) living on our 5+ acre country property. 

When not working towards positive behavioral progress, or socializing and playing with other experienced dogs, your dog will be resting calmly and comfortably in an appropriately sized orthopedic-pad lined run in a strictly climate-controlled room with security cameras, soft music and lavender-scented air-diffusers.

Your dog lives with us, alongside our Pack of well-balanced dogs,
for 2 full weeks of all-natural behavior training

Canine Manners Camp consists of…

  • Board & Train; 14-days of all-natural training at our facility in Hope Valley RI
  • 1 x Re-Home Session;  At-Your-Home Human Training (up to 3 hours)
  • 1 x Follow-Up SleepOver;  to assist in your progress (3-day minimum)
    • Unlimited Support; for the remainder of your dog’s life!

There is  NO Aggression accepted in the Canine Manners Camp

Our Canine Manners Camp is a great entry into behavior training and includes the following Sessions & Services, once the Board & Train portion is complete:

  • Re-Home Session; At-Your-Home Human Training (up to 3 hours)
    • This session takes place at your home or chosen location
    • We strongly urge ALL direct family members to attend this Session

  • Follow-Up SleepOver; social boarding at our Kennel (3-day minimum)
    • your dog returns for a 3-day SleepOver stay for support & FUN!

  • Unlimited Support (via email, chat, video or text)
    • providing Unlimited Support for the rest of your dog’s life!

Canine Manners Camp does NOT accept the following serious behavior
issues or cases involving these types of behaviors

  • Fear-Based Behaviors
    • Leash Reactivity (with or without Aggression)
    • Fear of Strangers / Unknown Dogs

  • Anxiety-Driven Behaviors
    • Separation-Related Behaviors (such as Separation Anxiety)
    • Sound/Noise, Fireworks, Thunderstorms

  • Aggression – Not Accepted at ANY Level

If you are unsure whether your dog would qualify for the Canine Manners Camp, or to review the Training Program we recommend for dogs with these issues, please check out our Canine Behavior Training Programs: Click Here

Training Program Rates for your Service Area can found under the tab below that reads – “Exact Rates by Service Area”

Canine Manners Camp

Does your dog qualify for this Program?

Does this describe your dog?

The Canine Manners Camp is a foundational & social behavior building Training Program that is great for young dogs and puppies who are over the age of 5 months but under 2 years (preferably), but who are already relatively at ease around other unknown dogs and who just need a little help extinguishing some minor undesirable behaviors while working towards positive behavioral balance!

What can you expect from Canine Manners Camp?

Well, besides a much calmer, more socially balanced and better behaved best friend, you’re likely to see…

“Auto-Sit” for Attention – no command required!

Near-Perfect Loose-Leash Walking – with and without mild distractions

Positively Reliable Recall – your dog will eagerly “come when called”, every time!

Calm & Polite Door Greetings – much more polite at the door & on-leash

Enhanced Canine Social Skills  – your dog will be the life of the party…courtesy of the Pack!

There are more details below about what to expect from our awesome Canine Manners Camp**

Program does it work?

  • Training is conducted on our 5-acre modern home-kennel type facility in Hope Valley, RI
  • Using ONLY all-natural, positive-based “Force-Free” methods & practices
  • NO Pinch or Shock Collars needed…not ever in Canine Manners Camp!
  • Daily, Socially-Facilitated Learning courtesy of the Pack

    • Space is limited. Advanced Scheduling is strongly recommended
  • 1 x Private Session; train you and your family how to maintain positive results from training
  • Conducted at your home or choice location at the end of the 14-day Board & Train portion 
  • STRONGLY recommend ALL family members be present at this most-important Session

    • Weekend Session availability is VERY limited – Advanced scheduling is required
  • 1 x 3-day SleepOver Reservation; scheduled within 30 days from the end of Board & Train
  • This Social Boarding stay will prevent regression and facilitate further forward progress
  • 3 Day/2 Night Reservation is included. Owners can Revise their Reservation as needed
    • SleepOver Reservations are made during the Enrollment > Program Scheduling phase

For more information about our Canine SleepOver Services: Click Here

** More specifics on our Canine Manners Camp training results

The Auto-Sit is EXACTLY what it sounds like. Your dog will be planting his or her butt on the ground, automatically, without the need for all those annoying ineffective verbal commands. 

  • Your dog will consistently offer you a Sit in order to get what he or she wants!
  • This is an incredibly reliable Replacement Behavior!
  • instead of  Jumping Up or Barking at you for Attention, your dog will offer you a Sit instead!

Imagine that!  Your dog will SIT quietly and wait to get ANYTHING they want! 

This is so valuable!

  • DEFINITION – Impulsive Behavior:  Spontaneous reactions done without forethought or consideration of the consequences.
  • Impulse Control, or lack thereof, is one of the most common issues we are presented with in young dogs.  Nobody wants their dog jumping all over Grandma when she arrives with presents for the kids or when you arrive home with your arms full with groceries from the market.
  • While here in Canine Manners Camp, your dog will begin to learn the value of calm confident behavior in any context or situation… at home or on the streets!

Your four-legger will begin to learn to control their own Impulses and actually choose, on their own without the need for ANY commands, to “ask” permission to greet a guest, to go through an open door or even to take a treat!

  • Your dog will have unlimited, but expertly-guided & controlled, access to our greatest asset…the Pack, from which to learn acceptable and safe Canine Social Skills & Communication – all while having great fun at the same time.

NO HUMAN can guide a dog into Balanced Behaviors better than another behaviorally-balanced dog!

No more Pulling on Leash…PERIOD!  This has to be one of the more troublesome foundational behavior that can lead to so many unfortunate or undesirable outcomes.

  • A properly fit Volhard Training Collar will be provided at no charge.

While in Canine Manners Camp, we won’t likely have enough time to say honestly that your dog will ALWAYS walk 100% Loose-Leash, however, we can definitely set your dog up for you perfectly to take over the LLW training after we teach you how to be a great Loose-Leash Walking Leader!

You might be thinking…”I’ve heard that before!”  

Well, this will be the last time you have to hear it because from our training, your dog will return home not knowing how NOT to “Come” when he or she hears their name!

Seriously…I am NOT joking!

After completing our 100% all-natural, force-free, totally positive based Recall Training, as included with every Manners Camp….your dog will break down walls to find you once they hear you call their name!

More about our Canine Manners Camp

Let’s face it, if love and desire were the only things required to “train” a dog to be well-mannered and behaved – then ALL dogs would be obeying their owners at ALL times and we’d be out of a job (thankfully!).  

The truth is, this is simply not the case.

Luckily, you and your four-legged bestie have come to the right place.   

In only 2 short weeks, we can naturally help your dog, and you, achieve a level of positive behavioral change that could take an average owner months to years of constant “training” efforts to establish…if at all.  

With our highly successful Canine Manners Camp we readily set the owner and dog team up for years of an incredibly rewarding relationship based on love, mutual respect and that wonderful Leader-Follower Bond.

Sometimes, well-meaning dog owners simply don’t have the time, resources or even ability to train their dog to be a well-behaved, balanced member of their “Pack”.

Our incredibly enriching Canine Manners Camp is just the answer that so many committed owners have been looking for!

This highly specialized Board & Train Program has the ability to successfully address any and all mild behavioral “problem areas” experienced by even the most loving and committed dog owner.