Our highly reknowned Canine Manners Camp is the most socially-enriching Dog Training Program available anywhere!

Canine Manners Camp

  • This Board & Train Program is designed to treat up to MILD Behavioral Issues
  • No level of Aggression is accepted in this Canine Manners Camp Program
  • This Program consists of 21 days of Board & Train PLUS up to 2 In-Home Sessions
  • All Program Rates are assessed by Service Area and can be found below*

The Canine Manners Camp is a one-of-a-kind Canine Behavior & Social Training Program that has your dog living right alongside our highly balanced dogs, the Pack, in a safe and clean home environment.  

Among many of the naturally progressive activities, your dog will be provided with daily, consistent Impulse Control & Manners Training, positive-based Obedience Compliance Training and immeasurable Canine Social Skills & Communication, working daily with our expert team of humans and canines.  

This Program gives dogs and their owners a well-needed behavioral foundation from which to “jump start” the incredibly rewarding Leader-Follower Bond.

This Canine Manners Camp Program does NOT treat the following Behavioral Issues:

  • Fear Based Behaviors and/or Reactivity (On or Off Leash)
  • ANY Level of Aggression (Resource Guarding, Stranger, Dog/Dog)
  • Separation Related Behaviors (Moderate to Severe – including Separation Anxiety)

If there is one thing we know with 100% certainty, it’s this…when you immerse an “imbalanced” dog into a group of well-behaved, highly-balanced dogs – it’s not too long before the new dog begins to adopt the positive and productive behavioral practices of the greater number of fellow four-leggers!

We call it Pack Dynamic Training and it’s purely awesome!  Don’t make your dog wait another minute!

Canine Manners Camp

  • 21 days of comprehensive & specialized Behavioral Board & Train
  • Re-Home Session lasting up to 3 hours at your home
  • 1 Follow-Up Session (up to 2 hrs) scheduled at your convenience
  • Successfully establishes positive & productive behavioral patterns
  • Incredibly rewarding Socially-Facilitated "Play & Train" learning
  • Perfect Recall - Your dog will "Come" when called every time!
  • Loose-Leash Walking perfection - NO MORE Leash Pulling!
  • Starter Leash and Martingale Collar provided
  • Unlimited Support for the life of your dog!


  • Pulling On Leash / Poor Leash Manners
  • Mild Separation Related Behavioral Issues
  • Not Coming When Called - Recall
  • MIld Barrier Frustration
  • Housebreaking Issues
  • Crate Training/Acclimation
  • Running Away / Door Darting
  • Hyper-Arousal / Over-Excitement
  • ANY and ALL MILD Behavioral Issues

More about our Canine Manners Camp

Let’s face it, if love and desire were all that was needed to “train” a dog to be well-mannered and behaved – then ALL dogs would be obeying their owners at ALL times and we’d be out of a job (thankfully!).  

The truth is, this is simply not the case.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place because in 3 short weeks, we can naturally help your dog reach a level of positive behavioral change that could take an average owner months to years of constant “training” efforts to establish…if at all.  

With our highly successful Canine Manners Camp, we readily set the owner and dog team up for years of an incredibly rewarding relationship based on love, mutual respect and that wonderful Leader-Follower Bond.

Sometimes, well-meaning dog owners simply don’t have the time, resources or even ability to train their dog to be a well-behaved, balanced member of their Pack (human, canine or both). Our incredibly enriching Canine Manners Camp is just the answer that so many committed owners have been looking for! This highly specialized Board & Train Program has the ability to successfully address any and all mild problem areas experienced by even the most loving and committed dog owner.

Here are some more details about what we successfully address in our incredible Canine Manners Camp: