Using the “D” word

Dominance.  A word that is often haphazardly and disproportionately used in the field of Dog Training.   I would never say that I consider myself an “Authority” on this topic…but when you have personally owned 10+ dogs for the last 10+ years AND you have daily access to an ever-changing line-up

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The Leader-Follower Bond

  In my 25+ years working with both behaviorally balanced as well as imbalanced dogs (and people who work with dogs)…one thing has become abundantly clear to me.  While dogs “love” their dog lovers…they actually “follow” the dog leaders.   Caveat: While I believe that ALL dogs can greatly benefit from

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Behavior Training v. Obedience Training

Owners often ask…”What’s the difference”? On an almost daily basis, I am contacted by dog owners who need help with their dog.  I’d estimate that about 80% of these callers say something to the effect of:  Caller: “I’m looking to do some Obedience Training with my dog. Is this something you

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Canine SleepOver Service