Private Session Training

Behavior Consultations, Puppy Starter & Single Problem Solving Sessions available!

Private Session Training Offerings

With Private Session Training, our Lead Behavior Trainer, Brian Manning, CPDT-KA will come to your home, or location of your choosing, to work with you and your family in a committed team effort to assist your dog in becoming more behaviorally balanced in all future settings & scenarios.

Brian has been at the forefront of all-natural, force-free Canine Behavior Training for more than 20 years here in Rhode Island.  Unlike Obedience Training, Behavior Training allows dogs to learn how to offer specific desirable behaviors, on their own without constantly being “told what to do”.

In your Private Session, Brian will spend time identifying where the true issues lie while providing you with expert behavior training advice and offering demonstrations on exact exercises & protocols you’ll need to strictly adhere to to attain the status of calm confident Leader while guiding your dog to be calm happy Follower!

Private Session Training is great for owners who have the time to train their own dogs, with our professional help of course.  But to be clear, while Private Session can be a more economical way to address Mild to Moderate Behavior Issues – it does require the owner and family to make changes and follow very specific training practices and protocols. 

With Private Session Training – the owner is responsible for all of the actual Training.

Here's what we have to offer in Private Session...

The Private Session – Behavior Consultations will last up to 2 hours in duration and can be scheduled to take place at any of the following locations:

  • At-Your-Home – we strongly recommend having all direct family members present
  • Location of your choosing – a local park, owner’s business, box store, etc. 

Common reasons an owner would choose to have a Private Behavior Consultation:

  • The owner is unsure if they are ready to commit themselves and their family members to a planned training regimen and would prefer to have our Trainer meet with them, to assess their case, before making any commitment to Training

  • The owner is unsure as to what the actual behavior issue is and would like a qualified trainer to evaluate the situation and make recommendations regarding training and behaviors – both human and dog

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The Private Session – Puppy Starter offering is designed specifically to address Foundational Puppy Behaviors for owners of puppies during their First Critical Learning Period – between 8-18 weeks of age (No Exceptions on Age)

The Puppy Starter consists of:

  • 1 Private Session At-Your-Home lasting 2 to 3 hours in duration
    • Follow-Up Sessions are available on an as-needed basis, upon request

Utilizing ONLY the safest, positive-based, force-free training practices, the Puppy Starter will address the following list of Foundational Puppy Behaviors & Issues, including but not limited to:

  • Housebreaking – your pup will be eliminating outside in 1-2 weeks!
  • Positive Name Association – an absolute MUST for a future of reliable Recalls
  • Mouthing & Nipping – the safest way to establish a lifetime of solid Bite Inhibition
  • Leash Acclimation – set your puppy up for a lifetime of perfect Loose-Leash Walking
  • Desensitization – create Positive Association to common Sights, Sounds & Situations
  • Crate Training – critical to solid Housebreaking and a safe place for pup’s downtime 
  • And Many More –  any & all puppy behaviors!

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The Single-Session Problem Solving offering is designed specifically to address up to MILD Behavior issues in dogs 5 months of age, and older and can be conducted at the following locations:

  • At-Your-Home – we strongly recommend having all direct family members present
  • Location of your choosing – a local park, owner’s business, box store, etc. 

Single Session

  • The Single Session will last up to 3 hours in duration and will provide expert advice while demonstrating safe, force-free exercises & training techniques to address the specific behavior issues presented by the owner.
    • Follow-Up Sessions are available upon request

  • There is No Aggression accepted in our Single Session offering.  For cases involving any level of Aggression – please refer to our Board & Train Programs

Behaviors addressed in Single Session:
here are some of the MILD behavior issues that are addressed in our Single Session offering, including but not limited to: 

  • Housebreaking – our solution will remedy this situation in a matter of a few days!
  • Pulling on the Leash – hands down, the most successful Loose-Leash Training
  • Not Coming When Called – we’ll teach you the MOST reliable Recall Exercise ever!
  • Hyper-Arousal/Over-Stimulation – a calmer dog chooses more balanced behaviors
  • Attention Seeking Behaviors – this can be a real challenge for most owners
  • Door & Human Greetings – finally, you can have friends & family visit again!
  • Destructive Chewing – alleviate their boredom & frustration easily and effectively
  • Counter-Surfing – this one can be quite challenging for the sneaky dog
  • And Many, Many More…any and all MILD Behavioral Issues

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Some benefits of Private Session Training

Some owners will find great success with Private Session Training as they have the time and commitment level required to train their own dogs themselves, along with our help.

Some issues that fare much better in Board & Train

While Private Session will address many common basic behavior issues, the more complex or serious behavior issues will be referred
to one of our comprehensive, custom-designed Board & Train Programs

The Critical Learning Period

In Canine Developmental Psychology, a critical period is a maturational stage of puppyhood during which the nervous system is especially sensitive to certain environmental stimuli.

If for some reason, the puppy does not receive the appropriate stimulus, during this Critical Learning Period, to learn a given skill or behavioral trait, it may be difficult, ultimately less successful, or even impossible to develop some functions later in life.

There are essentially 7 main Critical Periods (of Learning) in a puppy’s life that will benefit from closer supervision to minimize chances of adverse conditioning.

The First Critical Learning Period (arguably 8-18 weeks) is when some owners that behaviors learned and associations made at this age can often be permanent.

This is the stage where you wonder if your dog is going to be a “wuss” all his life. Also introducing your puppy to other dogs at this time will help him become more socialized.