Canine SleepOvers are a socially rewarding & enriching overnight experience where your dog is treated like one of the family!

Family-Style Canine SleepOvers

A Socially-Enriching Overnight Boarding Service

Our Family-Style SleepOver Service is a one-of-a-kind

Canine Social Club

* for dogs of all ages, sizes & breeds!

Our Canine Social Club, aka Family-Style Canine SleepOvers, aka Social Boarding is a socially-facilitated overnight boarding service for dog-friendly dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds designed around a semi cage-free environment situated on 5+ country acres in Hope Valley, RI.

Every SleepOver Reservation includes valuable Social Interactions, safe & friendly Play-Time with size-appropriate canine mates, consistent Impulse Control and Manners reinforcement & training as well as some one-on-one time with one of our expert trainers should we identify any areas of behavior where your dog might benefit from more focused efforts from one of our team.  

When not resting comfortably in their individually assigned crates on comfortable and supportive Orthopedic bedding, dogs here for SleepOver are outside socializing, playing & training in one of our 12 yards or pens secured by 6-foot high galvanized fencing and locked or secured gates with fresh water and direct supervision by one of our expert PackLeaders!

Accommodations & Amenities

Easily the most frequently asked question…which is why we put it first!  

  • When not outside in one of our 4 training yards socializing, playing or training…dogs are resting comfortably inside on their individually assigned dog crates on their own orthopedic pad bedding

  • Climate-controlled Kennel Room – the temperature is maintained between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit & 40%-50% Humidity

  • Hepa-Filtered Air is exchanged hourly and diffused with Lavender-scented diffusers

  • During “down-time”, dogs can relax with a safe, new Nylabone or Antler (courtesy of the Pack) while listening to soft, classical music CD’s designed to keep them chill!

At CBS Inc., we exclusively feed Life’s Abundance – All Life Stages Formula

  • Feedings are done twice a day – at approximately 9:00 am & 4:00 pm
    • this will NOT interfere with your feeding time at home if different!

  • If you feed your dog Life’s Abundance at home, there’s no need to send food 
    • We will feed from our stock at no charge to you!

  • If you do NOT feed Life’s Abundance, please send ample portioned supply
    • Please send ONLY dry food for the SleepOver.  No canned food please.
    • Please send dry kibble in portioned zip-loc bags if possible.  1 bag per meal
    • Please do not send treats, bones or any other food.  We will share from our supply!

For owners who would like more information on Life’s Abundance: Click Here

Another great question!  Sorry, no human visitors during SleepOver!

  • We do our best to keep you “in the loop” through regular postings on Facebook
    • You do NOT need an account with Facebook to view updates about your dog! 
    • To access the Facebook Page on our website, please refer to our Website Menu
      • Resources > Facebook & Youtube
      • Or, here’s a quick link:  Click Here
  • Owners can also always contact us for an update at their convenience. 
    • Email is ALWAYS best so we can send any videos or pictures we might have!

Absolutely.  Please check out our Add-On Training Options below!

  • Add-On Training Services: Add-On any of these to your STANDARD SleepOver


    • Loose-Leash Walking (2 x 15-20 minute walks per day)
    • Recall Training (2 x 15 minute training sessions per day)
    • Treadmill Training Time (10-15 minutes per day)
    • Extra Socialization & Play Time (at least an extra 30 minutes per day)
    • PET Sessions: Public Exposure Training (30-45 mins of training in public)
      • We bring your dog off-property to a public space to train!
  • SleepOver PLUS:  includes all the benefits of STANDARD, plus the following:

    • Loose-Leash Walking: 2 x 15 minute Loose-Leash Walks per day
    • Recall Training: 2 x 15 Recall Sessions, with distractions, per day
    • Treadmill Training: 1 x 10-15 confidence building Treadmill Session per day
    • Extra Social/Play Time: an extra 30 minutes of play time with the Pack!

Of course!  The Classic Canine offers the BEST Grooming Services available!!

  • That’s right!  We now offer 3 levels of Grooming Services for SleepOver Guests
    1. Salon Service: Bath, Hair Dry, Nail Trim, Ear Wipe-Out and 5-Point Health & Welfare Check! 
    2. Full Groom: Salon Service PLUS Hair-Cut & Style, Ear Cleaning, Teeth Brush & Pad Shave
    3. Bath & Nail Trim:  No fuss, no muss…just a basic squeaky clean pup! 


For a limited time, receive a 25% OFF* your normal Grooming Charges!

  • Just submit a Grooming request on your SleepOver Reservation submission!
    • *3-Day / 2-Night Minimum stay required to receive 25% Discount


Well, actually, we do!  In our brand new Pet Taxi we call ‘The Tail Wagon’!

Offering One-Way or Round-Trip Transport in CT, RI & MA (and beyond – by request)

  • Transport Rates: $35.00 per Travel Hour
    • Transports are charged by the Travel Hour for ALL “legs” traveled
      • Round-Trip Transport has 4 “legs”
        • example: Providence RI = 45 mins each leg x 4 = 3 hours Travel Time 
  • Transport Pick-Up & Drop-Off Time Frames
    • AM Transports:  8:00 am – 10:00 am
    • PM Transports:  4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
      • Up to 2 weeks advanced notice may be required to secure Transport
      • Approximate Arrival Times can be provided upon request

Your dog can attend SleepOver regardless of their current social behaviors.

NO AGGRESSION: Dogs that have trouble meeting new dogs but show NO AGGRESSION

  • If you are contacting us well AHEAD of your Reservation needs, we suggest:
    • 1 or 2 SleepOver stays (3-day minimum) prior to the need for a longer stay
      • This is to slowly and safely acclimate your dog to our Pack Dynamic
  • If you don’t have time available BEFORE your Reservation needs, we can provide…
    • Safe and secure accommodations but direct interaction with the other dogs
    • Recommend that your dog come for repeated SleepOvers for improvement,
      • We may also suggest one of our highly successful Training Programs!

WITH AGGRESSION: Dogs that show AGGRESSION can board under our Special Handling**

  • Special Handling reserved for dogs that have a history of AGGRESSION with other dogs
    • Special Handling Rate: $100.00 per day

  • Many dogs that initially pay the Special Handling Rate can eventually be downgraded
    • Once we convince your dog he is SAFE…he may end up paying the normal Rate


We are strictly adhering to currently advised Safe-Distancing & masking guidelines

Essential Services being provided.

While nobody could have truly been prepared for this epidemic, our business model greatly aids in our ability to maintain very consistent routines and practices. With that, we are able to keep ourselves, our environment and those around us as safe as possible while we provide a Service so essential to some, it's often the only slice of "normalcy" in these current times. Be safe and dog-bless!

Standard SleepOver Service

overnight social boarding for dog-friendly dogs
$ 60
1st dog/per calendar day
  • includes 2 daily feedings*, love and lots of playtime!
  • $40.00 (for each additional dog)

Add-On Training Services

Any of these Behavioral Training Services below can be added-on to your Standard SleepOver Service

Have one of our expert Packleaders work with your dog each day to further enrich your four legged friend while instilling more consistent productive behaviors.

Add-On Loose-Leash Walking & Training: $15.00 per day/per dog

  • An expert trainer will have your dog walking Loose-Leash in no time!

Add-On Recall Training Exercises: $20 per dog/per day

  • 2 x 15 minute Recall Exercise Sessions per day
  • Positive-Based Conditioning to Recall at distance with consistency
  • Requires owner follow-through to achieve consistent, reliable results

For dogs that could benefit from more Social Time: $20 per dog/per day

  • We will hand-select appropriate dogs to help your dog improve socially
  • 1 x 30 minutes of Extra Social Play Time, under PackLeader Guidance

An incredible confidence booster: $25 per dog/per session

  • 1 x Treadmill Session per day / 3-Day minimum for 1st Treadmill
    • Each Treadmill Session is 10-15 minutes long

  • This is one of the BEST ways we know of to improve self-confidence

1 x 45 minute Public Exposure Training Session: $50 per Session

PET Sessions consist will transport your dog off-premises to a public-place to work on behaviors you might be having trouble with in a stimulating environment.  This is ‘Real-World” Training!

  • Working on Loose-Leash Walking & Recall with Distractions as well decreasing the frequency & severity of any Leash Reactivity

SleepOver PLUS Training

social boarding with daily training added!
$ 85
per dog/per calendar day
  • includes expert daily training & Socialization
  • $85.00 (for each additional dog)

Grooming & Transport Services

The Classic Canine Grooming Salon is now OPEN!

The Classic Canine is a full-service grooming salon using only organic & all-natural grooming products with a focus on a positive experience and balanced behaviors.

Make an Appointment today with Danielle and get 10% OFF your Grooming! 

Transport Services in The Tail Wagon!

Offering Transport Services to our valued Boarding Clients (1-Way or Round Trip)

* We request at least a 1 week notice to schedule Transportation

Example Transport Rates can be found below under the Blue Tab titled “Transport Services”

More about our incredible Canine SleepOver Service

Our Canine SleepOver Service (aka, Boarding) is designed around a semi-cage free environment where dogs are allowed to freely socialize with other balanced, well-behaved dogs in over 15,000 square feet of 6′ high galvanized fencing broken up into 10 separate holding/social play areas.

When the dogs are not out for supervised play, exercise or training, they are comfortably housed in individual ortho-pad-lined crates in a strictly climate controlled room, where the temperatures are maintained between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit while the humidity is kept at 45-60%.  During their “down time”, dogs relax with classical music radio & special music cd’s while the air is constantly scented with calming lavendar diffusers.  We also have wi-fi security cameras so we can observe any dog at any time.

Why put your dog in a traditional kennel where he or she will spend their entire stay pacing back and forth in a concrete and steel dog run? Why not have your dog-friendly-dog get first-class canine social interactions from our incredibly well-balanced and diverse Pack of rescue dogs led by our team of expert PackLeaders

Our staff to dog ratio during OUT Sessions – the number of expert staff that our in a specific Yard per number of dogs in that Yard – is never more than 1 to 5 (1:5).  Safety is our #1 concern.

One stay here is all it will take for your dog to ask…”can I please go back to play with the Pack?”!