Canine SleepOvers are a socially rewarding & enriching overnight experience where your dog is treated like one of the family!

Canine SleepOver Service - (Social Overnight Boarding)

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  • Socially-facilitated boarding for dog-social dogs of all ages, sizes & breeds
  • Designed around a semi-cage free environment set on 3 country acres
  • Daily outdoor play, exercise & socialization in our secure play areas
  • Short or long term stays are welcome - Add-On Training available
  • Bath, Hair-Cut, Nail Trim & Transport Services are Available**

Standard SleepOver Price Menu

ALL SleepOver charges are incurred per calendar day.  Dog’s picked up at the AM Time Frame are not charged for that day. Regardless of the Drop-Off time, there is always a charge for the 1st day.

ADD-ON Training Services (add to Standard SleepOver)

Have one of our expert staff work with your dog each day to further enrich your four legged friend while instilling more consistent productive behaviors.

SleepOver PLUS Price Menu

ALL SleepOver PLUS charges are incurred per calendar day
Dog’s picked up at the AM Time Frame are not charged for that day
Regardless of the Drop-Off time, there is always a charge for 1st day

SleepOver PLUS includes the following:

SleepOver PLUS Service Includes the following daily exercises:

Sit/Stay & Recall Training (2 x 15 minute Sessions)
Loose-Leash Walking Training (1 x 20+ minute walks)
Bath & Nail Trim (the day before Pick-Up)

More about our incredible Canine SleepOver Service

Our Canine SleepOver Service (aka, Boarding) is designed around a semi-cage free environment where dogs are allowed to freely socialize with other balanced, well-behaved dogs in over 15,000 square feet of 6′ high galvanized fencing broken up into 10 separate holding/social play areas.

When the dogs are not out for supervised play, exercise or training, they are comfortably housed in individual ortho-pad-lined crates in a strictly climate controlled room, where the temperatures are maintained between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit while the humidity is kept at 45-60%.  During their “down time”, dogs relax with classical music radio & special music cd’s while the air is constantly scented with calming lavendar diffusers.  We also have wi-fi security cameras so we can observe any dog at any time.

Why put your dog in a traditional kennel where he or she will spend their entire stay pacing back and forth in a concrete and steel dog run? Why not have your dog-friendly-dog get first-class canine social interactions from our incredibly well-balanced and diverse Pack of rescue dogs led by our team of expert PackLeaders

Our staff to dog ratio during OUT Sessions – the number of expert staff that our in a specific Yard per number of dogs in that Yard – is never more than 1 to 5 (1:5).  Safety is our #1 concern.

One stay here is all it will take for your dog to ask…”can I please go back to play with the Pack?”!