Basic Manners Puppy Workshop

Our enriching Puppy Workshop capitalizes on the most formidable learning period for any dog – the Critical Learning Period

Basic Manners Puppy Workshop

A Foundational Behavior Board & Train style Program for puppies

Offering 2 Workshop Levels; BASIC Workshop & PLUS Workshop

Exclusively for puppies under the age of 18 weeks (with NO serious behavior issues) – No Exceptions!

"This Program is Amazing!"

Capitalizing on a dog’s most influential time of life – The Critical Learning Period

The Basic Manners Puppy Workshop is a specialized Board & Train Program that is specifically designed to positively influence certain aspects of puppy behavior that are profoundly malleable during the most crucial “training phase” of any puppy’s life, the Critical Learning Period (arguably 8 to 18 weeks of age).

This period is arguably the most influential time for learning that a dog will ever experience.

Basic Manners is available in 2 Puppy Workshops

Specifically for owners who contact us AFTER the puppy arrives home

      • for puppies between 12-18 weeks of age. No Exceptions!
  • 14 Days of Board & Train – Positive Socialization & Foundational Behavior Building
  • 1 Re-Home Session – In-Home Human Training for you and your entire family
  • 1 Follow-Up SleepOver (3-day min) – to ensure continued forward progress

    • Exact Rates by Service Area can be found below

Specifically for owners who contact us BEFORE the puppy comes home

      • for puppies between 8-12 weeks of age. No Exceptions!
  • 1 In-Home Training Session (2-3 hours)  within 3-5 days of puppy’s arrival +
  • 14 Days of Board & Train – Socialization & Foundational Behavior building +
  • 1 Re-Home Session (2-3 hours) – human training to ensure consistency 
  • 1 Follow-Up SleepOver (3-day min) to ensure continued forward progress

    • Exact Rates by Service Area can be found below


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What is the Critical Learning Period?

and why is it so important or “Critical”?


In Canine Developmental Psychology, a critical period is a maturational stage of puppyhood during which the nervous system is especially sensitive to certain environmental stimuli. If, for some reason, the puppy does not receive the appropriate stimulus, during this Critical Learning Period, to learn a given skill or behavioral trait, it may be difficult, ultimately less successful, or even impossible to develop some functions later in life.

There are essentially 7 main Critical Periods, of learning, in a puppy’s life.

There is no more influential time for you and your puppy to work together to create a future
filled with peace, harmony and behavioral balance!

There is no more influential time for you and your puppy to work together to create a future filled with peace, harmony and behavioral balance!

This Puppy Workshop will cover ALL the basics like Housebreaking, Crate Training, Mouthing/Nipping, Name Association (the pre-cursor to solid Recall), Leash Acclimation & more!  But most importantly and highly influenced during this learning period…we provide the absolute pinnacle of positive and productive Puppy Socialization.

Our expert team of well-experienced humans and behaviorally-balanced canines will work to “install” an organic “coat of armor” around your puppy through natural processes including Social Facilitation, Allelomimetic Behaviors & Stimulus Desensitization

Your puppy will leave our Basic Puppy Manners Workshop with enhanced social and self-confidence and will be less “bothered” by every-day environmental stimuli such as cars driving by, loud trucks, barking dogs, etc.

Making a commitment this tough, at such a prominent stage of your puppy’s life, will easily be the most beneficial and unselfish sacrifice you could ever make for your four-legged friend and will reap incredible benefits for years to come!

* Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old and have received 2 sets of “puppy shots” to attend the Board & Train portion of the Basic Manners Puppy Workshop!


Basic Manners Puppy Workshop

BASIC Workshop

Does your puppy qualify for the BASIC Workshop?

Does this sound like your situation?

I already have my puppy at home. The pup has been here for more than a week or two and we are realizing that we could use some help with training. There are NO serious behavior issues, but we are having a little trouble with some of the "basics" and want to be sure to start our puppy out on the right paw! I would also like to address any Undesirable Behaviors before they fully develop.

Puppy Workshop - Program Highlights

for BOTH Levels of Workshop – BASIC & PLUS

PLUS Workshop

Does your puppy qualify for the PLUS Workshop?

Does this sound like your situation?

I have NOT brought my puppy home yet but wanted to be as proactive as possible and schedule an In-Home Session to take place within a few days of puppy's arrival. This will allow me to identify and address Undesirable Behaviors before they even start. I understand that I will need to follow the practices prescribed by the trainer between the 1st In-Home Session and the Board & Train part of the program, as well as when the puppy comes back home!

What's Covered? What do we work on?

in BOTH Levels of Workshop – BASIC & PLUS

The Critical Learning Period

To many well-intentioned owners, it may seem almost unheard of to send their puppy away to “camp” not too long after bringing that cute little “fuzz-ball” into their home. 

But, if there is one thing we know with absolute certainty…it is that you really only get one shot at doing things “right” during this most crucial learning period in your puppy’s life.

There’s never any question whether or not owners want their pups to grow up being well-adjusted with good behavior. But what is never fully-known is an owner’s knowledge & ability, as well as the amount of time & resources available to them to devote to being 100% consistent in the practices of training their own puppy.

If ample time and effective effort are not committed at this early stage…well, then that clearly opens up opportunities for the puppy to learn to practice self-serving undesirable behaviors that can easily become negatively developed behavioral patterns that become entrenched in the dog’s repertoire…and once that happens…it’s too late!

It’s far more easy and effective to avoid the development of undesirable behaviors than it is to “fix” them once they are fully developed. 

Think of it like this…you wouldn’t wait to put insurance on your car until after you get into an accident…so why take a “wait & see” attitude to your puppy’s future behaviors?