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  • Premium Quality Grooming Services by our experienced professional Groomer
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  • Utilizing All-Natural Shampoos and Conditioners. Only the best for your beloved pet!
  • ALL Breeds, Ages & Sizes welcome. Come one, come all...the Classic Canine is OPEN!
  • Soothing Spa Bath, gentle Nail Trim and much MORE...included with every Grooming

*BONUS: puppy's 1st grooming visit* is

For ANY puppy’s 1st grooming visit, it’s crucial that he or she comes out of it feeling that it was a safe and rewarding experience.  Creating a Positive Association with any new stimulus or environment is so important in the bigger behavioral picture as well as to set the puppy up for success when encountering new things in the future!

New clients are welcome!  This offer is good for ALL qualified puppies!*
(must be under 6 months of age to qualify.  Proof of actual age may be required)

Well, first thing first. And that is…Safety. 

Puppies that comes to The Classic Canine for a FREE 1st grooming visit, will be provided with our safe, gentle and positive Salon Service. 

Danielle, our experienced professional Groomer, will confidently and safely introduce your puppy to the sights, sounds, smells and feelings of all the things they may encounter in future grooming visits.

For ANY puppy’s 1st grooming visit with us, we will always place more focus on creating a Positive Association with the process and experience than on the actual final result.  

While we cannot guarantee your puppy will come out looking like a “Show Dog” at his or her 1st grooming visit…we can assure you that your pup will leave here feeling good about coming back again in the future!

Puppy’s 1st Grooming Visit will consist of our safe & gentle Salon Service

  • The Classic Canine Salon Service provides your puppy with:

    • A soothing Spa-Bath with gentle All-Natural Shampoo
    • Soft Towel-Fluff Dry or Low-Heat Blow Dry
    • Safe & Gentle Pain-Free Nail Trim
    • Patient Ear Exam & Gentle Wipe-Out
    • Our 5-Point Health & Welfare Check (with Report Card!)

Please always remember, while we strive to complete all the above services in every appointment, if your puppy shows true signs of stress or anxiety around any activity, we will likely spend that time to ensure your puppy is provided with positive, effective Leadership and feedback to better help inform your puppy that this process is indeed safe and “feels good”c while working to create a solid Positive Association. 

Safety first and beauty will soon follow! 

The most important thing to bring with you is a positive, feel-good attitude!

The following items are required prior to your puppy’s 1st Grooming Visit:

  • Age Requirement: for puppies between the ages of 12 to 26 weeks (3 to 6 months)
    • proof of Date of Birth may be required

  • Services Agreement: we will send you our Grooming Services Agreement to sign

  • Vaccinations: proof of Vaccination should be provided by your Vet (scan, email, fax)
    • Under 5 months of age: 3 Sets of Puppy Vaccs (Distemper combo)
    • 5-6 months of age: 3 sets of puppy vax + copy of Rabies Certificate required
  • Offering high-quality Grooming in 2 Main Service Offerings below

Salon Service

Using the finest All-Natural & Organic Products (Pack tested)

  • Soothing Spa Bath with All Natural Shampoo
  • Soft-Towel Fluff or Low-Heat Blow Dry
  • Safe, Gentle & Patient Pain-Free Nail Trim
  • Cursory Ear Exam & Wipe-Out
  • Our 5-Point Health & Welfare Check (with Report Card!)**
         ** We check Skin & Coat, Eyes, Ears, Teeth & Weight

Full Grooming Service

All the great benefits of the Salon Service PLUS

  • Breed-Standard Hair-Cut
  • Full Brush-Out & De-Shedding
  • Full Ear Cleaning and Hair Removal
  • Teeth Brushing & Fresh Breath Rinse
  • Pad Trimming* & Paw Desensitization
        * Gently trim around feet & toes

Salon Service - Price Menu

  • Soothing Spa Bath – gentle suds with all natural shampoos
  • Towel Fluff or Low-Heat Blow Dry – whatever is best for your dogs coat
  • Gentle Nail Trimming – we take our sweet time cuz we want them to like it!
  • Ear Wipe-Out – a gentle wiping of the ear and a chance to take a peek inside
  • 5-Point Health Check (includes Report Card!) – an old-fashioned once over

** Our 5-Point Health Check is done on your pet at every Grooming appointment and includes a cursory exam of your dog's Skin, Coat, Teeth, Eyes & Weight. Includes Health & Welfare "Report Card"


A La Carte Menu

add any of these premium offerings to your salon service

Full Grooming Service - Price Menu

includes all the great benefits of the Salon Service plus;

  • Breed-Standard Hair-Cut appropriate for your dog’s breed
    • our groomer will make the ultimate decision of Service/Rate
  • Full Brush-Out of your dog’s coat with natural de-shedding products
  • Pad Trimming, nice and tidy, & Paw Desensitization for the love of it
  • Teeth Brushing and breath freshener – clean & fresh 

Full Groom Rates below are based in large part of your dog’s breed, coat type & size
(photo may be requested prior to 1st appointment)


Ask us about our Transport Service!

Transport Services in our NEW Pet Transport Taxi - The Tail Wagon!

Offering Grooming Transport Services on Tuesdays – Saturdays

* We require a 1-Week Advance Reservation for Transport Services

More about our unique Salon and Grooming Services

A grooming experience at The Classic Canine is more than just a “shave and a haircut”!

Our parent company, Canine Behavioral Services Inc. is owned and operated by a successful Behavioral Trainer with over 20 years of experience.  Because of this, everything we do with dogs in our care, from the moment we meet them to the time we send them back home, EVERY interaction with your dog is handled with two main things in mind…

  1. Safety: we will first and foremost ensure that your dog feels SAFE in this environment
  2. Behavior: we will ALWAYS promote calm positive behaviors while helping your dog decrease the severity & frequency of any undesirable feelings and/or behaviors.
    • sending your dog to the behaviorist for beauty day can be incredibly rewarding!

We know that a trip to the groomer can be a bit stressful for some dogs.  Whether it’s due to a bad past experience or just lack of ample positive exposure to grooming situations, we understand that some dogs may have a little trouble with their beauty day.  It’s because of this that we take a very unique approach where we put the dog’s safety and well-being ahead of the need to “produce” a beautiful hair-cut…especially with for first time grooming or guests new to our environment.

If we determine that your pet is becoming too stressed or uncomfortable with any part of our grooming process, we will take the necessary steps to ensure what could be a negative encounter for your pet is confidently and expertly turned into a positive experience.  If this means we must stop the groom for the day…or just take more time with that specific procedure, we’re going to put your pet’s best interest ahead of everything else.

If we have to stop grooming because your dog is becoming too stressed, some or all of the grooming fees will still apply.  We will do everything we can to accomplish all goals but will always put your pet safety and well-being above all else.