You Go, Hugo!

Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown: Providence, RI

Hello Brian & Team!

First of all, thank you thank you so much!! Hugo is a changed man and we can’t thank you all enough.

We have been sticking to the training and he has made progress!! I can put a piece of cheese at his feet and he looks to me and Auto-Sits so I can give him permission to have it. He sits for EVERYTHING HE WANTS!!! And if he is taking his time I will face him and look away which always does the trick to get his butt down.

The Loose Leash Walking has changed everything and now he pays attention and sticks to me like glue. He doesn’t howl and bark for me when I leave the house and seems overall more confident in himself.

Thomas was unbelievably professional and took so much time explaining how to maintain and build on the training you have provided us. I am going to submit a sleepover inquiry in a moment but just wanted to reach out to express our thanks.

Best regards,