Doing Right by Dora

Training Program: Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown: Providence, RI

The most important takeaway from my dog’s time in the Canine Behavior Training Program is that the training was not solely for Dora, but ALSO for me.

Brian accepted my massive Bully breed into the Program and helped her to not only trust humans, but his guidance also made me look myself in the mirror and realize what I was doing wrong.

Prior to the Program, I was feeding her anxiety, rather than showing her that I can protect her – in ways that many dog owners would overlook.

But of course, nothing gets by Brian.

I was failing Dora. It was my job to protect our dynamic but she felt that it was her job instead.

The 4 books Brian recommends are completely life-changing for any dog owner. We, as owners, have created a world for our dogs that we expect them to see through our eyes. That is NOT the case. We must see our dog’s world through our dog’s eyes, not our own.

Brian is patient (as not many trainers are with the dog’s humans) but to the point. I’ve sent him emails for guidance after the Program, and he lets me know the exact moment I went wrong and how to possibly correct that unwanted behavior next time.

I knew he was the right trainer for us when Dora got out of the car and didn’t even acknowledge his presence. He never made eye contact, which is a known trigger for dogs, let alone anxious ones such as Dora.

He was able to hand me a collar to fit her with, and then took Dora away to the back pen like it was nothing. I have never seen her have that instant trust with any trainer in the past.

My friends and family now come to my home and can’t stop raving about how Dora is a new dog.

The exercises Brian left me with are still a part of our everyday routine, which keeps her sharp and reminds her I am the boss, with no exceptions.

Brian helps you realize where you go wrong as a dog owner, and that you’re really changing your lifestyle to fit your dogs, not trying to shove them into this ideal mold for your lifestyle.

Brian and his amazing team are always just an email away.

Dora loves her SleepOver time with the pack and I take full advantage of that when I travel, or even just to give her some playtime!

Because of Brian, I have confidence in myself that I did not have before. My relationship with Dora has changed for the better and I could not be more grateful Brian took us under his wing when I needed it most.s

L. Howes