Doing Right by Dora

Training Program: In-Patient Program Program Start Date: July 28, 2019 Hometown: Providence, RI The most important take away from my dog’s time in the In-patient Rehabilitation Program, is that the training was not solely for Dora, but ALSO for me. Brian accepted my massive Bully breed into the Program and helped her to not only […]

Zeus, the King of Dogs

Training Program:  Private Session & SleepOvers Program Start Date:  October 17, 2009 Hometown: Barrington, RI Brian Manning was recommended to us by our dog trainer at the time. She told us that Zeus is too much for her after he bit her. We were running out of time with our very aggressive and very anxious […]

Mason & Charlie Bring The Fun!

Training Program:  In-Patient ProgramProgram Start Date:  November 4, 2015Hometown: Saunderstown, RI Mason was rescued from a shelter in High Point, NC when our oldest son was attending college there. The shelter told him that Mason was found by a police officer on the side of a busy highway in some brush. At the time we […]

Frankie Is A Friend Forever

Training Program:  In-Patient Program Program Start Date:  April 28, 2016 Hometown: Seekonk, MA Our American Bulldog Frankie started in the In-Patient Program at CBS when he was about 8 months old, he was showing signs of aggression towards visitors, as well as our older dog Lexi. Frankie spent several weeks with Brian and his team and […]

Nike & Bella’s Boarding Success

Service/Program:  Family-Style SleepOvers Service Start Date:  May 24, 2018 Hometown:  Richmond, RI My 2 German shepherds, Nike and Bella recently had the Family-Style Sleepover for 10 days and I can’t thank everyone at CBS enough for how amazing they were with my dogs. I have NEVER left them with anyone other than family, both are […]

Percy’s Perfect Progress

Training Program: In-Patient Program  Program Start Date: May 30, 2016 Hometown: Cumberland, RI Rewind to Dec 2011… our family consisted of Myself, my husband and our 11-month-old chocolate lab daughter Fenway.. then we rescued Percy. Percy is a black lab mix from Louisiana who had a rough start. In his short 6 months on earth, […]

Sophie Steals Our Hearts

Training Program:  In-Patient Program Program Start Date:  August 20, 2017 Hometown:  Middletown, CT I can’t say more positive things about Brian and his team. Today was our first Follow-Up Session after our dog Sophie came home from her In-Patient stay and I am feeling better than ever about what is possible. When we sent Sophie […]

Blue Is No Longer “Blue”

Training Program:  In-Patient Program Program Start Date: May 3, 2018 Hometown:  Cranston, RI Brian drove off from our house in early May with Blue, our young dog who had aggression issues severe enough that he bit one eight-year-old child on the wrist inside our house and an older gentleman who is our neighbor and happened […]

Ollie Finds His Inner-Jolly

Training Program: In-Patient Program Program Start Date: May 12, 2018 Hometown: N. Providence, RI First, I want to thank everyone at CBS for all the effort put into helping Ollie become more balanced! Although, you said his progress was only “mild at best” it is still progress we are happy about! We can definitely see […]

Nelson Turns a Page

Training Program:  In-Patient Program Program Start Date:  July 2016 Hometown: Brattleboro, VT My dog Nelson was incredibly reactive and aggressive on the leash when walking–he barked incessantly at cars, other dogs, people, you name it. He’s been back only a day, and it’s up to me to maintain his training, but I’m very pleased with […]