Zeus, the King of Dogs

Training Program:  Private Session & SleepOvers
Program Start Date:  October 17, 2009
Hometown: Barrington, RI

Brian Manning was recommended to us by our dog trainer at the time. She told us that Zeus is too much for her after he bit her. We were running out of time with our very aggressive and very anxious beautiful 2-year-old rescued German Shepherd, Zeus. Neither my son nor I were willing to give up. My husband at the time had enough of it, Zeus either had to behave or go back to the shelter.
After months of training and a couple of thousands of dollars, spent on in house and out of the house training, we were at the end of our rope. We tried everything, from Tufts to local classes. Nothing worked. We agreed to give Canine Behavioral Services a shot before we make a decision. Thank god we did.

I can write a book about how Brian changed Zeus’s Life and as a result our lives. In a nutshell, Brian Manning saved my dog’s life. He taught us how to lead and be a pack leader. He taught Zeus to trust his humans. If it weren’t for Brian, Zeus would not have lived to be 12 years old. He trusted 6 humans in his life and Brian was one of them. He tolerated a few others. When we traveled, CBS was the only place I trusted that my Zeus would be safe and other dogs and humans would be safe in Zeus’s presence.

Brian has a very special gift of connecting with dogs. He gets them, he is a true dog leader. I wish we had met Brian sooner but I know that Zeus lived his life’s potential thanks to Brian and now runs free in dog’s heaven. He crossed the rainbow bridge in April 2017.