Sophie Steals Our Hearts

Training Program:   Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown:  Middletown, CT

I can’t say more positive things about Brian and his team. Today was our first Follow-Up Session after our dog Sophie came home from her Board & Train stay and I am feeling better than ever about what is possible.

When we sent Sophie away she was frantic in every way. She had severe leash reactivity, big issues in the house jumping on people and MUCH more. When I made the decision to send her away it was tough, my biggest concerns were:

1. All the in-home training I’ve tried in the past haven’t worked so why would this?
2. I was worried that I would get back a “different” dog who lost her sweetness.
3. 6 weeks is a long time, what if she forgets about our family?

All concerns couldn’t have been further from what actually happened!

While we didn’t get back a perfect dog (an unrealistic expectation for anyone), we got back a much calmer, balanced dog with the foundation to get us there, in addition to a support system that is there no matter what it takes; including politely responding to my frustrated emails after she continues to test us �. ( Brian thank you for putting up with my frustration and bearing with me).

We still have work to do but for the first time, I’m feeling it is possible and that is huge. In addition, we have an awesome safe place we know we can send Sophie to whenever we need to board her.

Brian’s expertise and professionalism are evident when you talk to him and see him with the dogs. I would highly recommend CBS to anyone, it’s been worth every penny!!!

Lyndsey K.
Middletown, CT