Mason & Charlie Bring The Fun!

Training Program: Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown: Saunderstown, RI

Mason was rescued from a shelter in High Point, NC when our oldest son was attending college there. The shelter told him that Mason was found by a police officer on the side of a busy highway in some brush.

At the time we had an older golden named Maggie and we thought she might enjoy the energy of a new puppy… she did not.

Mason had too much energy and it quickly became too much for all of us, but it wasn’t until he started to show aggression/biting toward strangers that we knew we needed help.

Friends of ours had used Brian’s services and highly recommended him for our situation. My recollection is, when Brian came to our house, he was met with growling, snarling and a lot of barking.

Luckily, Brian was not deterred and packed up Mason to begin his Canine Behavior Training program.

When Mason returned home he was a much calmer, more well-balanced dog.

We had added another young male pup to our family and he and Mason were the perfect match. We believe Mason’s time spent with Brian and “the Pack” gave him the confidence to be around other dogs and people.

Mason is not perfect, but he is significantly better after his time at Canine Behavioral Services. We could not have achieved this outcome on our own.

Lastly, we now have the convenience of the SleepOver Services at Canine Behavioral Services for both our dogs. They love it and we know they are safe and in an environment that they enjoy.