Frankie Is A Friend Forever

Training Program:  In-Patient Program
Program Start Date:  April 28, 2016
Seekonk, MA

Our American Bulldog Frankie started in the In-Patient Program at CBS when he was about 8 months old, he was showing signs of aggression towards visitors, as well as our older dog Lexi. Frankie spent several weeks with Brian and his team and he came back to us much improved.

With their guidance, we continued to work with him once he returned home. We have sent Frankie back at least once a month for socialization. He always returns to us a more balanced dog every time! Frankie is almost 4 years old now and still loves his visits to CBS. He can’t contain himself as soon as we approach the driveway.

We recently adopted a 1-year-old English Bulldog. We decided to start off on the right foot with Belle, and sent her to Canine Manners Camp at CBS, before she was introduced to Frankie. We sent Frankie to be introduced to Belle in a controlled environment with Brian and his team. They are now the best of friends!! I’m not sure that would have been the case without the help of Brian and his amazing staff. We continue to send them both to CBS when we are away or just for a weekend of socialization, we are so lucky to have found them!

I would highly recommend Brian and his staff for any of your training needs!!

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