Percy’s Perfect Progress

Training Program: Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown: Cumberland, RI

Rewind to Dec 2011… our family consisted of Myself, my husband and our 11-month-old chocolate lab daughter Fenway.. then we rescued Percy.

Percy is a black lab mix from Louisiana who had a rough start. In his short 6 months on earth, he was on death row twice and had survived Parvo twice!

He arrived to us via 18 wheeler and immediately urinated and laid on his back when my husband approached him. He growled the entire way home and didn’t want to be bothered. Poor boy.

We worked hard to show him love and guidance and he became trustworthy. He didn’t care for humans other than our household and immediate family. So we made it work the best way we knew how.

Fast forward to May 2016… we were bringing home our baby, Ally. We had done all we were told by friends… bring a blanket home and let the dog smell it, play the sounds of babies crying weeks before bringing her home etc… 

The day we took Ally home, Percy was acting funny. His mouth chattered and he just wanted to smell her. We were uncomfortable with his body language and were uncertain of his intentions.

I called the Pediatrician to see if they had dealt with this and her immediate response was “GET RID OF HIM”. I couldn’t think of such a thing!! This was our baby too!! But my husband felt otherwise and was ready to bring him somewhere other than our home.

I reached out on every social media outlet begging for guidance on what to do. The responses ranged from bringing him to the pound to Tufts medical.

However, the best advice I received was to contact Canine Behavioral Services and Brian.

Percy took part in the in-house Canine Behavior Training Program and when his training was complete with Brian, then we were also trained/educated/guided on how to move forward with a healthy relationship with Percy.

2019… here we are! Percy and Ally are best friends!!!!

We never gave up on Percy, thank you Brian and all who help us on his journey.

Thank you!! Cheers to Percy!

Amanda P.
Cumberland, RI