Puppy Family Needs Help!

Training Program: Basic Manners Puppy Workshop (BMPW)
Home Location:  Groton, CT

We had a bit of a family emergency at home and needed a place to take our 17-week Goldendoodle, Jaina, for a few weeks.  We found Canine Behavioral Services and they got us enrolled in the Canine Manners Camp the very next day!

So not only did we find a great place to board and socialize our puppy she also was given the education and attention she needed during her three-week stay!

When she came home Laura showed us everything Jaina had learned and also did an excellent job ensuring we knew how to continue her training.

She literally came home yesterday and already this morning I am floored at how well she responds to commands and loose leash walking!

Thank you for teaching our puppy manners and taking care of her in our time of need!

A&S Scott
Groton, CT