Taming a Terrier’s Tantrums

Training Program: Private Session
Hometown:  Warwick, RI

When Eli came to live with us, he was fourteen months old, cute and quite a handful. He would jump on chairs, grab and chew chair cushions, run off with personal items and be generally uncontrollable and “fresh”.

When we tried to bring him for a walk he would constantly pull on his leash, making it difficult for us to have an enjoyable walk.

He had acquired so many bad habits, we nicknamed him “The Boston Terror”. Eli needed help and after much thought and research, we decided to call in Brian.

Brian’s first of four visits was quite memorable for us. Within minutes of meeting Eli, Brian had complete control of him, something we had not been able to accomplish for months leading up to that time!

We stood in amazement during those first few hours as we watched Brian handle Eli gently and calmly, without yelling or using inhumane ways. Eli followed Brian’s direction easily and willingly.

It was during that first visit that we knew we had chosen the right man for the job and that Eli would soon be on his way to becoming a good family member.

Brian made it look so easy, but as he warned us, it would be a lot of work. (It was worth it!)

Over the four sessions, Brian taught us how to handle Eli’s behaviors. It has been about 5 months since Brian’s first visit and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Even walking Eli has become an enjoyable exercise for us, as well as for him.

We so enjoy having Eli around because we now have the skills to handle his behaviors and life in our household is a lot calmer.

Thank you, Brian, for the knowledge and skills you imparted to us.

Bob & Lucia Cornwell
Warwick, Rhode Island
Email: lc8421@gmail.com