Angus the Cowardly Corgi

Angus corgi

Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT) Hometown: Boston, MA Brian, I am happy to speak with anyone on the fence or who needs persuading to have them meet Angus. Angus is living proof of your methods. Sending him to you ranks as one of the better decisions in my life. Katherine G. Boston, MA […]

Misguided Miss Lina


Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)Hometown:  Englewood, NJ Hi Brian! First of all I hope all is well!! I’m writing to let you know about Lina’s new home! We found a family that really knows the shepherd breed–they have one of their own currently and have had many over the years. They work with […]

Oodles of Doodles

Fitz cage

Training Program: Canine Manners CampHometown:  Smithfield, RI Brian and I were blown away by how much better behaved our Goldendoodle Fitz was upon return from training. Brian Manning is a true professional/expert in what he does with dogs. Highly recommended and encouraged for anyone considering training their dog! Thank you so much again! Brian A. […]

Sami, the Insecure Rescue Dog


Training Program: Private Session Hometown:  E. Greenwich, RI We adopted Sami, a one-year-old Weimaraner mix, and for the first week in our home, she was such a well-behaved dog.  And then “the real Sami” started to emerge. Her Separation Anxiety began to escalate, she destroyed everything in our house; shoes, socks, sunglasses, carpets, pillows, gloves!  As […]

Taming a Terrier’s Tantrums

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Training Program: Private SessionHometown:  Warwick, RI When Eli came to live with us, he was fourteen months old, cute and quite a handful. He would jump on chairs, grab and chew chair cushions, run off with personal items and be generally uncontrollable and “fresh”. When we tried to bring him for a walk he would […]

Finley the Frustrating Fellow

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Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT) Hometown:  Providence, RI A million thanks for your professional and compassionate help in getting our Finley’s behavior under control. What began as “just puppy behavior” gradually became a dominance issue in our home. Barking was the rule of thumb, jumping on everyone was a game for him, and […]

Josey Jumps for Joy

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Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)Hometown:  Greenville, RI We are writing to thank you for your amazing dedication to helping those dogs who have serious behavior issues like our Josey. Just looking at that beautiful German Shepherd, a person would never guess how distressed she really was, until she started to bark, and bark, […]

Lucy Lucks Out

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Training Program: Private Session  Hometown:  Charlestown, RI (Written from the dog’s perspective) Thank you for coming to my house and saving me from my family. All that “goo goo” baby talk was driving me crazy! What’s a dog to do!? They finally got the hang of it after your training!  Thank you!! Now they never […]

Bouncy Bosco Behaves Better


Training Program:  Canine Manners Camp (CMC)Hometown:  Meriden, CT Our German Shepherd, Bosco, just returned from Canine Manners Camp and I honestly must say that he is a completely improved dog. Bosco went to Brian with no leash skills, not knowing how to react to other dogs and general over-excitement with everything. Brian’s group (humans and […]

Nutty Nymeria


Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)Hometown: Warwick, RI Brian helped us to work through some significant behavioral issues and has continued to support and advise us with Nymeria even a year after completing the program. Additionally, CBS’s Canine SleepOver Service has been amazing for us. I love seeing photos of Nymeria happy and interacting […]