Lucy Lucks Out

Training Program: Private Session 
Hometown:  Charlestown, RI

(Written from the dog’s perspective)

Thank you for coming to my house and saving me from my family. All that “goo goo” baby talk was driving me crazy!

What’s a dog to do!?

They finally got the hang of it after your training!  Thank you!!

Now they never let me out of the house first.  They always make me wait for my dinner, and won’t even let me scarf down my brother’s dinner if he’s slower than me.

It took them pretty long to realize that I actually LIKE my crate, and I just need to get away from all that kissy-face stuff they do to me!

I don’t even have to nip at them much anymore to get their attention (but sometimes I still do it, especially to the Mom).

I’m letting them teach me all kinds of tricks, stay, sit, wait, lay down…and I’m really good on the walks now. I even like the treadmill – 15mins every other day is making me a buff dog!  

I always wait for permission to get up on the furniture, and I don’t even miss going upstairs in the bedrooms (too many accidents, oops).

I even overheard them ordering a wireless fence for the yard so I won’t have to stay on that stupid lead anymore. Yeah!! I hope I like it. Actually, I hope they figure it out before they stun me to death (expect a call Brian, they’re slow learners).

I just wanted you to know that I’m doing great now.

I knew it wasn’t me all along, it was them! (especially the Mom, talk about slow…).

You’re the best friend a feisty, tough girl like me could ever have!

Hope to see you on the trails, or stop by and visit. I’ll tell you all about my rabid raccoon adventure and the nice guy who came from the DEM…..

LUCY HEINEMANN (the Dog!) Charlestown, RI