Finley the Frustrating Fellow

Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown:  Providence, RI

A million thanks for your professional and compassionate help in getting our Finley’s behavior under control.

What began as “just puppy behavior” gradually became a dominance issue in our home. Barking was the rule of thumb, jumping on everyone was a game for him, and walking…a total disaster – we were being taken for walks.

Enter Brian: Calmly, firmly, he instructed our family about what was to unfold – the need for consistency and a lot of tough love for Finley.

For positive changes to occur it would require following prescribed protocols with 100% consistency. No failures! Positive changes do become permanent…!

Brian reminded us that this was a commitment. Fin would be around for a lot of years, so why not be able to enjoy him?

Brian really had the answers to all of our behavior questions and came up with steps to overcome our concerns.

With Brian’s help, Finley is just as happy as can be and so are we!

Finley is obedient, comes on verbal cue, sits, stays, and waits for food and treats to be given. No more jumping on visitors, attention-seeking barking has all but ceased, and he is much calmer and happier.

Family and friends can’t believe the difference in him.

Thanks to Brian Manning, Finley and his family are happy campers.

Brian, you’re the best!

Tom and Tender Boyle
Providence RI 02908