Sami, the Insecure Rescue Dog


Training Program: Private Session Hometown:  E. Greenwich, RI We adopted Sami, a one-year-old Weimaraner mix, and for the first week in our home, she was such a well-behaved dog.  And then “the real Sami” started to emerge. Her Separation Anxiety began to escalate, she destroyed everything in our house; shoes, socks, sunglasses, carpets, pillows, gloves!  As […]

Finley the Frustrating Fellow

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Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT) Hometown:  Providence, RI A million thanks for your professional and compassionate help in getting our Finley’s behavior under control. What began as “just puppy behavior” gradually became a dominance issue in our home. Barking was the rule of thumb, jumping on everyone was a game for him, and […]

Josey Jumps for Joy

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Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)Hometown:  Greenville, RI We are writing to thank you for your amazing dedication to helping those dogs who have serious behavior issues like our Josey. Just looking at that beautiful German Shepherd, a person would never guess how distressed she really was, until she started to bark, and bark, […]