Ollie Finds His Inner-Jolly

Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown: N. Providence, RI

First, I want to thank everyone at CBS for all the effort put into helping Ollie become more balanced! Although, you said his progress was only “mild at best”, it is still progress that we are happy about!

We can definitely see the changes in him. He sleeps in his crate now! He is much less reactive to stimulus – for example when he sees other dogs, squirrels, hears thunder or fireworks. In the past, he would literally go ballistic w/ uncontrollable behavior that could not be tamed at all.

Now, when he sees and hears those things he stops, listens-which gives me a second or two to intervene and show Ollie his leader is in control and its ok!

His Obedience and Recall have improved as well. Ollie got loose into my neighbor’s yard and I called him and he came running towards me instantly! What a relief it was!

Loose-Leash Walking is also going very well! I am now able to take Ollie to busier locations with many people and a lot of stimuli around him! He doesn’t get scared or pull away from me anymore. We are building up to more stimulus on our walks every day. When I stop to have a conversation with someone, Ollie will sit by my side and wait patiently for his cue.

One amazing achievement for Ollie his that he was able to meet and greet another dog without showing aggression. After a few “sniffs” he was just fine and we enjoyed a nice walk with friends! Ollie was also able to play fetch the ball with his new friend! I was so happy to see him in a relaxed state next to another dog!

We are both still learning through this process and will continue to build on the foundation CBS has given us. We are most likely going to start meds in the near future. I am very happy with the progress Ollie has made so far. He is much more relaxed and in control…not perfect of course, it’s Ollie!!

Sending Ollie to CBS was a POSITIVE life-changing decision. We will be in touch to set up SleepOver Services for him soon! I will be forever GRATEFUL for CBS for giving us the tools and support we need to keep moving forward with Ollie! Thank you thank you!

Dawn & Ollie
N. Providence, RI