Jack Finds Hope

Training Program: In-Patient Program
Program Start Date: September 24, 2009
Hometown:  E. Haddam, CT

Our 2 year old dogs, a brother and sister shepherd/lab mix, had developed very severe behavior problems that were getting impossible to control. Before we sought Brian Manning and his business, we had tried multiple training techniques and even a different “professional” trainer. However, none of this seemed to work and we were at our last straw-until we found Canine Behavioral Services. After discussing the behavior problems with Brian Manning, he recommended the “in-patient” program for our two dogs, Jack and Kelly. Shortly after this, we set up a meeting time at our home in East Haddam, CT. There, he assessed their problems better and decided to take our male dog, Jack, first. Jack had the worst behavior problems of the two, and frankly, we didn’t think that they would ever be able to be changed. Before Jack had left, we had discussed how Brian was going to use several different training techniques with Jack, including the “pack-leadership method”. He was going to incorporate Jack into a pack of well balanced dogs (in addition to one-on-one intensive training).

While Jack was at training, I was constantly able to communicate with Brian and literally watch Jack’s progress through pictures that he sent me. I was amazed to see and hear how Jack was doing while he was there. Another wonderful aspect of the training was that it wasn’t run like a strict business- Brian was going to work with Jack and Kelly for however long it took for them to improve, without any extra cost. A month or so after Jack had been there, Kelly went into the training with Jack. After Jack had been there for nearly two months (and Kelly about two weeks), we were able to go visit them and actually see their progress and improvements, which reassured me on how well they were doing.

Jack remained there for another month and a half or so, and was finally able to come back home (with Kelly still training since she had gone in after Jack). When Brian walked through the door with Jack, we saw a completely different, renewed dog. He was calm, and extremely obedient, but yet still had his personality that we loved (just without the behavior problems!) We were able to have complete strangers come in the house (both Jack and Kelly had extreme fear/dominance aggression toward strangers) and actually walk up to Jack and feed him. This was the moment when I realized that Jack had truly changed and that he would be able to remain part of our family for the rest of his life, as long as we listened to the instructions from Brian on how to keep Jack well-balanced.

Brian is also going to continue working with Jack from our home and monitor our progress with Jack to make sure that everything is running smoothly. It’s been around a week since we’ve had Jack back home. He’s a completely different dog, that is well-balanced and is now beginning to respect our authority as his leaders. Brian Manning truly saved Jack from a not-so-good future and in doing so, has also helped our family so much. Brian was also very good with teaching our whole family on how to keep the good-behaviors in Jack, and also explaining to us every bit of training that Jack received. Our dog Kelly will be coming back from her training very shortly, and from what I’ve seen with Jack, and also heard from Brian, it appears that she will also be able to enjoy a long life with our family. Don’t have any doubt about sending your dog to Brian Manning and Canine Behavioral Services- it was the best thing in the world that we could have done for Jack and Kelly.

Brian truly cares about them and I could tell that it was extremely important to him that he was able to successfully change them.

Brian Linares
E. Haddam, CT
Email: brianlinares@att.net