Marshall Makes the Grade!

Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown: Providence, RI

Brian and his team truly transformed our dog, and we’ll be forever grateful.

When we got Marshall in September 2021, he was a one-year-old, 70-pound rescue from the south who was terrified and unsure about how to interact with the world.

He would chew on shoes and the coffee table, jump up on people, nip my arms to the point of bruising whenever he was excited, and cower and bark at just about everything—strangers, garbage cans, water fountains, bikes, sounds from our downstairs neighbors, you name it.

Entirely overwhelmed, we sent Marshall to CBS for their most intensive training program, and when he came back six weeks later, the differences were obvious.

Brian’s use of pack training and positive reinforcement had worked wonders on Marshall, but Brian made clear there was still room for improvement since Marshall had missed key socialization milestones when he was a puppy.

To further Marshall’s progress, Brian gave us incredible tools (including training exercises, toy and book recommendations, and his continuing guidance whenever we need it).

Fast forward to now (after lots of love, at-home training, and many short stints at CBS for boarding to reinforce positive behaviors and hang out with his buddies), Marshall is a dog transformed.

He’s the perfect work-from-home companion, has impeccable leash manners, interacts beautifully with other dogs, and has even started seeing human strangers as potential friends.

We had guests over recently, and they were astonished at how relaxed and comfortable Marshall has become. It’s a reality I truly couldn’t have imagined 1.5 years ago.

Getting Marshall here has been a hard journey, but it’s also been incredibly rewarding, and it wouldn’t have been possible without CBS’s belief in Marshall and in us.

Thank you SO much for helping us build such a wonderful life with our guy Marsh!