Weiner Dogs Need Help

Training Program: Private Session
Program Start Date: August 10, 2008
Hometown:  Mystic, CT

Dear Mario Hilario,

When I heard that you are considering running a story about Brian Manning’s business, Canine Behavioral Services, I had to write to you to share my own experience as I think it is illustrative of the life changing help that Brian can provide to any frustrated dog owner.  Now understand, I am a lifelong animal lover who believes that pets are truly members of the family. I have been involved with numerous animal welfare organizations over the years and up until recently I felt that I knew quite a bit about caring for pets.

My husband and I have two dogs; a 4 year old miniature long-haired dachshund named Maisy and a 7 year old Silky Terrier named Elliot.  Although our two dogs weigh less than 20 lbs. combined, we could not control them.  About a year ago, we had reached our wits end. Elliot was exhibiting aggression and Maisy was a chronic barker. I started asking around for references of local dog trainers.  After a month or so, I had narrowed my search down to two people; Brian and someone else.  Both came highly recommended, so I gave them both a call.  Brian explained his services stating that he goes to a client’s home and can rectify most behavior problems in one visit.  I have to be honest when I tell you that I chose the other trainer because I didn’t believe that Brian could deliver what he promised; in other words, he sounded too good to be true. So, I hired the other trainer, spent twice the money and got basic obedience training that did not address the behavioral issues.

Fast forward 6 months to August of this year.  One of my customers at work mentioned that he had hired Brian to work with his dog and he was thrilled with the results.  I still had Brian’s card, so I gave him a call and made an appointment.  He came to the house and we got right to the root of the problem.  The problem was not the dogs, it was us!  We were not taking the leadership role in our own house.  Through simple techniques, Brian taught us how to be the pack leaders. Things as simple as daily walks, controlling feeding time and being confident and consistent with our behavior made a world of difference.  Our dogs are clearly more at peace and well adjusted than ever before. Friends and family have commented that they are like different dogs.

I promote Brian’s business to whoever will listen.  I truly believe that if more people knew of Brian’s services, there would be fewer dogs in shelters in Rhode Island and Southeastern CT. Brian can assist pet owners with so many of the undesirable behaviors that lead to people giving up their pets.

Sharon Morgan
Vice President & Branch Manager
The Washington Trust Co.
Westerly, RI 02891
Email: slmorgan@washtrust.com