Ferocious Female Fighting

Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown:  Foster, RI

Greetings fellow dog owners, Brian was our savior!  We introduced a rescue German Shepherd female with lots of issues, into our home, where we already had an existing German Shepherd female and an Aussie male.

From the first day, chaos broke out with multiple fights. After 2 trips to the vet for stitches and my trip to the hospital (incidental bite breaking dogs up), we contacted Brian.

He came up to the house and within just a few minutes, he had all the dogs under control. He suggested that the girls be enrolled with his pack for a 6-week “Boot Camp” to rehab them and have them work together with his balanced Pack.

The results were great!  We now have 2 happy and very well-behaved girls. We have to keep up with the training which Brian showed us, which is not always easy, but with work, the house is under control.

I would recommend Brian to everyone!

Thanks, Brian,

Tim & Sharon Cotter
Foster RI 02825