Never Give Up On Nigel!

Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown: Westerly, RI

Let me start by saying that I’ve owned a few big dogs in the past and that my current pup is the most exuberant, spirited, intelligent, and strong-willed of the dogs I’ve had.

He has not one streak of aggression or meanness, but he is a handful.

Normally, I am not a huge fan of behaviorism. I hold onto my own fantasy that I can ‘love’ a dog into wanting to please me.

Brian Manning has helped me realize that this is both hogwash and that there are many ways to ‘love’ a dog. When I see Nigel under his command, my dog is so happy and eager to please, and he can be readily controlled.

My way, I get exhausted because he pulls me too hard and I can’t control him. I had to admit that I was certainly getting nowhere fast with Nigel. So for the first several weeks, I just refused to really listen and absorb what Brian had tried to teach me about training Nigel.

Now, I am ready to listen and receive his instruction. And, it is excellent instruction that works!!

My dog was too over-stimulated and impulsive and out of control. He needs to know who is in charge and what the rules are. This is what Brian has taught me to do with his loose leashing walks and his training that emphasizes having the dog’s butt touch the ground and stay until he is released…..before getting anything he wants, even going out the front door for a walk.

Yes, I resisted what Brian had to teach. But, now I see I was foolish to do so. His way of working with Nigel is so clear; so good for the dog (in that he no longer has to get so over-excited for no reason) and allows me to be in control without becoming exhausted and losing my battle.

With Brian, nothing with the dog is a ‘battle’. It is all simple and always the same. This is what a dog needs!

I would highly recommend Canine Behavioral Services to train any dog: their method gets excellent results and is easy to learn (once the owner is ready to listen and learn!)

Brian is a clear teacher; he knows and loves dogs; and he clearly is able to see what each dog needs to work on to be better behaved.

I’ve learned that I am not doing my dog any favors by trying to reason with him and get his ‘buy in’ because he knows I ‘love’ him.

That’s a crock! My dog has to learn to obey because I practice consistently and repeatedly the same simple steps so that he gets a clear and consistent message and knows how to act with me in order to get what he wants.

I’m still working at it because I am a challenging owner!….and Nigel is a spirited dog.

But, we are well on our way now, thanks to Brian Manning.

As well, I will add, we have Nigel board, with their SleepOver Service, at CBS whenever we are going away…..for up to two weeks at a time, or more!

We can feel secure that he is well cared for and given lots of play time with other dogs outside. His tail is always wagging when we drive in the driveway. While he boards there, I can also add additional training services to be sure he keeps up with the program during the time I am away.

Believe me, when I say, he is so happy and ready to behave well. It is me that I am still working on. Brian has a plan for it though.

And, we are making progress!