Wrangling a Raucous Rottie

Training Program:  Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown:  Portsmouth, RI

My wife, Amanda, and I are the proud owners of a beautiful, 125lb male Rottweiler named Ramses. We always considered ourselves “experienced” dog owners as we both grew up around big dogs and owned many over the years.

Unfortunately, while we always fancied ourselves fully capable of raising the ideal dog, we were wrong.

We began to notice Ramses showing aggression towards other dogs-even putting our pug in the doggy hospital on several occasions. As time passed, the aggression turned to children and finally my wife.

It was hard for us to understand what went wrong, as we raised Ramses just like all of our other dogs. So, it wasn’t until Ramses actually bit Amanda on the leg that we admitted to ourselves we needed help.

While many owners probably would have put their dog down or given him away, we realized that he was our responsibility. It would not be fair to make him someone else’s problem or take away his life when we were the cause of his “acting out”.

However, at the same time, we had heard horror stories concerning other “dog trainers”, we were terrified to begin the search and felt as if our situation was hopeless.

Luckily, I stumbled across Brian’s website.

While reading all of the wonderful accolades on Brian’s page, I came across a review written by a good friend of mine. The next day I asked my friend and she couldn’t recommend Brian enough. So I made the call and our lives have changed tremendously since that day.

Brian recommended Ramses take part in his 45-day Canine Behavior Training Program with “The Pack”. So, we did it.

Brian kept us posted through the whole process, sending pictures and emails several times a week. After he finished his work with Ramses at his Kennel, we had 4  In-Home Sessions where Brian trained my wife and I to be calm, consistent, and confident dog owners.

A month into the program Ramses was a different dog. This proved to us what we already knew; with calm, assertive leadership Ramses was capable of being the dog we always knew he was at heart.

On the day Ramses returned home we met at a dog park. Amanda and I sat in the car and watched as Ramses ran around the park calmly and happily. At one point another dog even snapped at Ramses and he just looked to Brian and walked away!

This is a dog that, a month prior, would have retaliated and seriously injured the other animal!

As more time has passed we have put Ramses in many situations we never would have before. He is going on several walks a day to the beach (even off leash with my wife), to Petco, and to friends’ houses. He is meeting strangers on a daily basis and responding to commands we never thought possible (he fully respects all rules and boundaries we place on him—not coming into the kitchen while we eat, sitting patiently at the top of the stairs until we invite him down, etc).

And this brings me to the biggest change we have experienced…Brian gave us confidence and peace of mind.

We were in a very bad place before Brian was able to offer his help, constantly living in a state of fear. With these new tools Brian taught us, we have learned how to enjoy owning a “power” breed.

I highly recommend that anyone needing help, be it with an aggressive dog or just a tune up, contact Brian because you will not regret it.

Thank You, Brian.

Matthew & Amanda Ray
Portsmouth, Rhode Island
Email: mjr630@gmail.com