Oliver the Springer

Training Program: Private Session 
Program Start Date: March 26, 2011
Hometown:  Mystic, CT

Our dog, Oliver, is a three-year old Springer Spaniel.  His energy is endless, and he is just a big goof.  However, Oliver has a strange guarding issue – he loves tissues and paper products!  His guarding went too far, and he bit my husband, my mother, and me in the course of two years.  We have a toddler, and decided that Oliver needed help we didn’t know how to give him if he was to stay in the family.

We initially signed up for the in-home training.  The very first day Brian came to our house, we saw some changes in Oliver.  At the time, Ollie was taking medication for anxiety, but it didn’t seem to make much difference.  He was very nervous at first, but responded well to Brian.

Ollie actually needed more help than we had anticipated.  We sent him to the in-home training for six weeks.  I was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to stay in our home if we didn’t.  He came back for a short visit after four weeks, and he was like a new dog!  His permanent return two weeks later showed even more progress.

Oliver is a work in progress, and we continue to work with him every day.  Brian’s techniques have proved very successful, and we couldn’t be happier.  He is now off his medication, still goofy, and we’re proud to have him as a member of our family.

Nick, Meredith, and Charlotte
Mystic, CT
Email: boltm77@yahoo.com

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