This Daisy Blossoms Daily

Training Program:  Basic Manners Puppy Workshop
Hometown:  Middletown, RI

My husband and I have a sweet, beautiful Golden Retriever puppy.  We asked Brian to come for the 2 Private In-Home Sessions. They went well, but Brian pointed out that our pup was fairly submissive.

This tendency was really highlighted when she spent a 3-day Sleepover at Brian’s with the Pack.

At that point (14 weeks old), we decided to have her stay for the 2-week Basic Manners Puppy Program. Now that she is home, we find that she is so much calmer and more comfortable in her surroundings. Most noticeably, she is more comfortable and confident in herself.

She is in a small puppy play group and is doing fantastic, happily playing with the other pups! We still have work to do with walking on a leash, and trying to be calm when greeting people and other dogs.

Brian’s suggestions are certainly helping us through this!

Thank you, Brian! And, thank you to that wonderful Pack of yours!

Mary-Anne C.
Middletown, RI