Helping Harvey Help Himself

Training Program: In-Patient Program
Program Start Date: September 29, 2014
Hometown:  Newton NJ

Harvey is doing really well at home! We’re having a lot of progress with “come” and feeding time, but we’re having a little bit of trouble with having him sit calmly at the door when people come over because Mason (2nd dog) will just amp him up. If Harvey is crated, he’ll bark, but once we tell him “no”, he’ll grumble a little bit, but he will calm down practically immediately.

We brought my cousin over and she used to be very afraid of him, but she was so impressed by how calm and responsive he was to us. She was even able to feed him some treats. He didn’t even growl at her or her husband.  When they had previously come over, it was really hard to get him to calm down.

The day after he came home (from training), we took him for a walk and he had some trouble when we saw another dog, but near the end of the walk we had seen the same dog again and he was much better behaved just in that short time.  And just yesterday, my mom took him on a walk and he saw another dog, completely ignoring it until the other dog barked at him – and even then, he only barked once. He didn’t jump up on his hind legs like he used to, at all!  He also didn’t bark at the mailman when he drove by the other day!

Thanks for everything!

Follow-Up Email/Update (see below):

Hi Brian!

I just wanted to share some more progress with you!  I was able to clip Harvey’s nails the other day, something I was never able to do before. He just sat there and let me do it like it wasn’t an issue for him. Also, we were walking him the other day and a dog ran out from it’s yard and ran right up to Harvey, barking in his face. I was a little nervous, but we kept the leash loose and he didn’t make a noise! Even when the dogs owner came over next to Harvey to get his dog, Harvey was on his best behavior ever! No barking or growling at all.  The guy even told me that Harvey should get some good dog points because of how well he was acting.  So proud of my boy!

Alicia F.
Newton, NJ