Nika’s Owner Nails It

 Training Program: Basic Manners Puppy Workshop
Program Start Date: September 27, 2020
Hometown: Exeter, RI


Hi Brian and the entire CBS team, 
 I would like to extend thanks and appreciation for the wonderful training services you provide, to both humans and their dogs!

I knew my puppy was in great hands from the moment I dropped her off for the 2-week board & train puppy workshop.  

Before I even officially adopted Nika, I knew I wanted her enrolled in you puppy workshop. It had been years since I had a puppy and I wanted to ensure my new companion got off to a great start in life, in the specific areas of confidence, ability to learn to adjust to new environments, have a basic understanding of commands, and most importantly, to be socialized with other dogs. 
Enrolling her in the puppy workshop was the best decision I could have made. Nika has been great with all dogs she has encountered, whether it’s one or a bunch.  This has been such a sense of relief. 

Brian taught Nika and me that nonverbal communication and body language is even more effective, in many cases than verbal commands.

Watching Brian work with dogs is inspiring as never gets frazzled and the dogs can feel and read his overall sense of calmness, which in turn, they respond to positively. He truly is seasoned in his craft and being in his presence even makes me feel calmer! 
The highest on my priority list was Nika being able to get along with other dogs. Therefore, to reinforce her socialization, she attends doggy daycare once a week at CBS…..and has the best time! The doggy daycare trainers/supervisors are truly dedicated to the safety and well-being of the dogs in their care. 
Nika is my only “dog child” and I want her to have the best dog life possible.  So, moving forward, I will continue to utilize Brian and the CBS team’s services at their clean and beautiful facility for Nika’s grooming, boarding, advanced training, and daycare.  When she goes to doggy daycare, she expels a lot of energy but is also able to relax and just “be a dog”. 
I am truly appreciative and grateful for the amazing team at Canine Behavioral Services. They did the difficult part and laid down a solid foundation. Now it is up to me, her owner and Leader, to allocate time every single day time to follow through and apply the tools and training that were used to help mold Nika into the awesome puppy she is now, and the phenomenal dog she is destined to grow into.

With satisfaction and gratitude, 
Jennifer L Boezi