The Socialization of Shea

Training Program: Positive Association Workshop
Program Start Date: March 22, 2014
Hometown:  N. Kingstown, RI

My beautiful 5-year old Labrador Retriever Mix named Shea was becoming more reactive with other dogs during our long walks around the neighborhood. Shea is a rescue and has been with my family for almost 1 year, and I was worried that she was becoming dog aggressive.

After attending the two-week PAWS Program (Positive-Association Workshop) with Brian Manning and his pack of well-balanced dogs, it was apparent that Shea’s reactivity was the result of MY lack of confidence and apprehension! The Workshop provided a basis from which Brian could train ME to be a calm, confident and consistent Packleader for Shea. I was forced to take a long, hard look at my own insecurities and set aside my tendency to be nervous and worried when other dogs approached. Now, walking Shea on a leash is a breeze! Shea naturally looks to me for direction and leadership with no need for fancy harnesses or equipment.

Thank you Brian and the rest of the Canine Behavioral Services team for giving me the training and tools to be the best leader for Shea!

N. Leblanc
N. Kingstown RI

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