Pitties from Heaven

Training Program:  Pack Cohesion Therapy Program (PCT)
Hometown: Dartmouth, MA

My husband and I have two pit mixes, both rescues. Recently, our dogs had gotten into two major fights resulting in injuries.

Before re-homing our newly adopted male Maverick, we reached out to Brian.

Both dogs completed his Canine Behavior Training – Board & Train program successfully leaving them both balanced and better versions of themselves.

Today is day 1 of them being home. We have a lot of work ahead of us to maintain their relationship, but Brian gave us all the tools, advice and instructions we need.

I’m so thankful for Brian and his team. My husband and I are calm and confident when dealing with both dogs. I know that their relationship will be nothing but positive going forward.

We also now have someone whom we trust to board our dogs with when we travel.

Thank you Canine Behavioral Services!!!!!!