Blue Is No Longer “Blue”

Training Program:  In-Patient Program
Program Start Date: May 3, 2018
Hometown:  Cranston, RI

Brian drove off from our house in early May with Blue, our young dog who had aggression issues severe enough that he bit one eight-year-old child on the wrist inside our house and an older gentleman who is our neighbor and happened to walk through our gate and come in our back yard. While Brian was at our house on pick-up day, Blue barked non-stop. He was so annoying, that Brian asked me to put Blue in his truck so we didn’t have to continue listening to him bark while Brian was “briefing” us.

What did we get back? A dog who is still quirky and fun, but who is now calm and an absolute joy to be with. We do have homework with him every day. We introduce him to everyone who comes in our house and/or yard just the way Brian taught us. We keep the light leash on him after introductions and he stays CALM. When we had friends over the other night, we found him completely relaxed on the porch sleeping while we were all ten feet away from him. He’s awesome to go for walks with now that he doesn’t pull. I get his attention by clapping my hands and he comes running. Blue gets along with Molly, our three-year-old beagle, much better now because he doesn’t antagonize her any longer. And, I don’t think that I’ve even heard him bark more than once or twice since he’s been back home.

Blue is not perfect. He may never be perfect. But, Brian and his team worked their magic and even kept him extra weeks to work with him longer, at no extra charge! We can have people over now, as long as we introduce Blue to them the way Brian taught us.

Saying thank you is not nearly enough. This training was WORTH. EVERY. PENNY!

Mara M.
Cranston, RI