When Zeus Got Loose…

Training Program: Canine Behavior Training Program (CBT)
Hometown: Westerly, RI

Canine Behavioral Services saved my dog’s life and my sanity!  I adopted my now five-year-old German Shepard from an abusive home when he was about two years old.

From the very beginning, Zeus started escaping from the house.

He learned how to open closed doors, and open windows, ultimately destroying my wooden door frames and window sills.

The last straw came when Zeus opened a second-story window and jumped out (uninjured) later to be found by the town dog warden.

It was at this time I conducted a lengthy search to find a reputable dog trainer. That trainer turned out to be Brian from Canine Behavioral Services!!

Brian came to my house and we discussed Zeus’s issue which I later found out was my issue too. Brian told me what needed to be done. Zeus needed extensive training, away from home.

Without a second thought, I gave Brian the leash and said take him.

Six weeks later Brian returned with Zeus. Immediately I recognized a change in him.  Zeus was noticeably healthier, both physically and mentally.  His coat was clean and shiny and he just looked happier and healthier.

Fast-forward to today, two years later, Zeus never requires a leash unless I take him for a run. I never have to close my doors or windows at night anymore nor during the summer.

For the past year, I have been using Canine Behavioral Services SleepOver service for Zeus to allow him to exercise and play with other dogs while I’m away all day at work during the week.

Canine Behavioral Services allowed me to keep and be with my best friend, Zeus.

S. Baruti