Kellie Butson

Position: Kennel Attendant
Current Home:  Hope Valley, RI
Date of Hire:  December 24, 2020

Kellie was born and raised in South Kingstown, RI where she grew up with English Sheepdogs & Newfoundlands, as well as a few cats along the way.

Kellie developed a deep passion for animals in her early childhood. She also used to help her neighbor on her horse farm, all during elementary school, and traded her time and work in exchange for being able to ride the horses and ponies. 

Ever since she was a little girl, she always felt a great connection with animals…but especially with dogs.

Growing up in southern RI, Kellie was very much involved in sports, and played varsity soccer & softball.   

While furthering her education, she went on to play softball for the University of Rhode Island, where Kellie also received a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development/Family Services & Childhood Education. 

While in college, she ended up taking ownership of her brothers Pitbull, Tigger. He was her first “furry” love. Even though Kellie cares about all dogs, that relationship caused Pitbulls have her heart, forever.

After college, Kellie went on to adopt her first, very own, dog, named Captain.  Capt. was a Boston Terrier, who unknown to Kellie at the time she adopted him – would turn out to have a serious seizure disorder that ended up taking his life at the young age of 3 years. 

Kellie was devastated by this loss. Capt. was her “wing man”…but she did not let his loss go without honor and she turned the hurt into a personal “crusade” to help dogs in need – whatever that need may be.

She went on to rescue Sydney, an Australian Shepherd mix and Memphis, a Beagle/Pitbull mix, who now reside with Kellie’s ex-husband and are 10 & 9 yrs old now, respectively!

Up until 2020 – Kellie had been working in the medical field for 20 years as a medical assistant and pharmacy tech. She made a bold decision to walk away from that field because she just wasn’t happy.

Kellie couldn’t shake the indelible feeling she’s always had… she to work with dogs. 

Kellie applied to and got hired by CBS, just about a year ago, where she gets to fulfill her self-ascribed “destiny” to help dogs, no matter what they “need”.

Kellie finds absolute joy in her job every day and deeply believes the connection between a dog and his/her owner is crucial to a well-balanced relationship. 

Kellie’s plan is to keep working skills as a Trainer and Handler and continue to strive to Calm, Confident & Consistent PackLeader!  She says that she “can’t wait for what’s to come!”


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