Breed: Border Collie Mix
DOB: 3/1/2007
Weight: ~50 Lbs.
Gender: Female/Spayed
Hometown: Dartmouth, MA
Nickname(s): Boges, Bogadishu

Bogey (named after the golf term) was found by Good Dog Rescue in a Tennessee Walmart parking lot with her 3 sibling littermates and ended up in her forever home with a wonderful couple in Dartmouth MA.  They have 3 dogs altogether.

I first met Bogey when her owner enlisted my help to address issues she was having with Bogey.  There were also two other dogs in the home – Brewski, a young neutered male Catahoula mix and Biscuit, an older spayed female Husky mix. In short, Bogey was pretty unbalanced and exhibiting some serious aggression towards the younger Brewski as well as the mature Biscuit. At it’s worst, Bogey inflicted injury on both dogs! We began with the In-Home Sessions but quickly realized that Bogey needed more help than her owner would be able to provide so she can to stay with us in our In-Patient Program. This was the Fall/Winter of 2013.

Fast forward and we now see a completely different dog!  I mean a total 180.  Not only has there never been another aggressive injurious episode at home, but Bogey is an altogether different dog.  So much so, that I am now “borrowing” her services any time she is here for Boarding (thankfully, her owners love to take golf vacations somewhat regularly!). I believe her time spent here and with the Pack has resulted in “doors” being opened for Bogey that may have otherwise never been opened. I see a joy in Bogey, when she’s doing her “work” here, that is so inspiring it truly keeps me going.

Because of this, and her incredible dedication to “healing” herself from within, I am so proud to offer her the title of Honorary Pack Member!

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