Breed: Lhasa Apso DOB: 2016 Weight: 20 lbs Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn) Nickname(s): Circus Dog, Natasha Benstridge, Benny Henny Role: The Little Enforcer I first met Bennie when his owners contacted me back in the fall of 2017 after Benny had just bitten the husbands hand the night before.  And while the circumstances surrounding the bite […]


Breed: Bloodhound DOB: 12/15/2009 Weight: 130 Lbs. Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn) Hometown:  Stonington, CT Nickname(s): Augustus, Gus-Gus, Gussy-Goose, We began working with Gus quite a few years ago and since then we have watched him grow into a more confident dog that is just full of character! Gus is everyone’s goofy friend that is always ready […]


Breed: Jack Russell Mix DOB: Unknown (Approx 11 yrs old) Weight: 16 Lbs. Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn) Nicknames:  Budly, Bobo Role: Inspector General


Breed: German Shepherd Dog DOB: Unknown (Approx 8 yrs old) Weight: 62 Lbs. Gender: Female/Spayed (Fs) Nicknames:  Miss Angel Role: The Angel


Breed: Border Collie Mix DOB: 3/1/2007 Weight: ~50 Lbs. Gender: Female/Spayed Hometown: Dartmouth, MA Nickname(s): Boges, Bogadishu


Breed: GSD/Yellow Lab x DOB: 9/7/2009 Weight: 65 Lbs. Gender: Male/Neutered Hometown: Barrington, RI Nickname(s): Wesley James Bean


Breed: Norfolk Terrier DOB: 5/26/2007 Weight: ~10 Lbs. Gender: Female/Spayed Hometown: Westerly, RI Nickname(s): Pumpkin, Robbie-B


Breed: German Shepherd DOB: 6/1/2007 Weight: 80 Lbs. Gender: Male/Neutered Hometown: Bristol, RI Nickname(s): Zeussie, Z-Man


Breed: Yorkie-Poo DOB: 10/1/2006 Weight: 18 Lbs. Gender: Female/Spayed (Fs) Nickname(s): Tessie Woo, Woo-Woo Role: The Old Lady