Breed: Jack Russell Mix
DOB: Unknown (Approx 11 yrs old)
Weight: 16 Lbs.
Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn)
Nicknames:  Budly, Bobo
Role: Inspector General

Buddy is an 11 year old neutered male Jack Russell Terrier/Chihuahua Mix, who officially joined the ranks of the Pack in March, 2016. Prior to that, Buddy was obtained by his only previous owners, as a very small puppy at the age of 11 weeks, and spent his life living with this wonderful family in Hope Valley, RI along with two mature Boxers (Jake & Bella) and a young and very energetic female Pitbull (Dixie).

In late 2015, I was contacted by the family to help them with some escalating aggression issues between Dixie and Bella, which we did…successfully. However, along the way, it was quite evident to me that the little dog Buddy was clearly imbalanced and, come to find out, he was definitely a source of imbalance in the home. At every visit I did with the family, I could see that Buddy and his “trying to be dominant” behaviors were clearly a catalyst to behavioral issues with, and between, the other dogs. Buddy just seemed so “lost” and I could feel actual “despair” from him. So, I offered to take Buddy in for some training as well.

No sooner did Buddy step foot in the yard did I notice something quite remarkable. It was if this was a “different” Buddy than the one I had brought in just the day before. This Buddy had his head up, eyes wide, doggie “smile” from ear to ear and just a swagger about him that I had not seen previously.  Each day that went by here, Buddy became more confident. You could actually see him “feeling good” about himself and where he was at.

After a few weeks here, it was approaching Buddy’s time to return home. His owners were reporting that things were going great at home while Buddy was away. I knew what I had to do…but it was very difficult for me – I just didn’t know how his owners were going to take it.  I saw a dog that, prior to coming here, seemed “lost”, stressed, low-self-esteem, etc. – but after time with the Pack, Buddy had found himself and where he needed to be.  The trick now was – convince his owners to let Buddy live the rest of his life here, with the Pack.

I think at first they thought I was nuts…but thank goodness, rational heads prevailed and Buddy is now a proud “card-carrying” Pack Member.

Great Job Buddy!