Breed: German Shepherd Dog
DOB: Unknown (Approx 8 yrs old)
Weight: 62 Lbs.
Gender: Female/Spayed (Fs)
Nicknames:  Miss Angel
Role: The Angel

Angel is a relatively recent addition to our Pack Dynamic here at CBS Inc. Here’s the short story. I was contacted by a very sick woman from her hospital bed. She had been taken to the hospital and her older female GSD was seized from her home and taken to a Vet kennel where nobody was able to handle her, according to her owner. With a wonderful intermediary’s help – Angel arrived at our location heavily sedated, muzzled and with 3 chains attached to her neck. I could immediately see in her eyes that all she sought in her life was safety.  When she awoke from sedation she was unmuzzled, with a soft leash attached to a Martingale collar and a group of dogs and humans who were willing to trust her so that she could begin to trust herself.

With the owner in and out of the hospital and Angel’s future uncertain…it became clearer to me that going home just was not the best option for Angel – she had found herself in the Pack Dynamic. As her owner took a downturn in health, we made sure she was fully aware that Angel had a forever home with us here – it was the least we could do for Angel who had clearly been in the best shape of her recent life – both physically and mentally. It was extremely bittersweet for us and Angel at the news of her owners passing.  We understand that Angel would never know anything about what had happened but we couldn’t help but feel some solace in the hope that her owner saw, in the pictures and video’s on Facbook, the sheer joy and peace in Angel’s face.

We are extremely proud that Angel has chosen us as her forever home and to help defray the future cost of her care and to help assist other owners who may not have the financial means to get the training help they need – we have started the Kind-Hearted Angel Fund (click here). Thank you for your support!