Breed: Lhasa Apso
DOB: 2016
Weight: 20 lbs
Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn)
Nickname(s): Circus Dog, Natasha Benstridge, Benny Henny
Role: The Little Enforcer

I first met Bennie when his owners contacted me back in the fall of 2017 after Benny had just bitten the husbands hand the night before.  And while the circumstances surrounding the bite were not perfect (on the humans part) – it’s pretty clear that dogs should NOT bite their owner, regardless of who’s “fault” it may have been.

After reviewing the case, I recommended Benny attend our In-Patient Behavioral Rehab & Training Program, and his owners agreed so in November 2017, Benny attended and successfully completed this comprehensive canine Behavioral Training Program.

Things had been going very well at home for quite some time.  However, Benny’s owners became somewhat complacent over time, believing that Benny’s “issues” were all but gone. With this, the owners may have let their guard down somewhat…again, this is pretty common so I cannot fault Benny’s owners…they worked hard and long at it but this time, they felt they had as much as they could handle and knew it was time for them to find Benny a new forever home.

Little did they know, I had a very strong affinity for this little bugger so I opened up a spot for Benny in our Pack…and the rest is history.  

Benny has been an integral part of The Pack and our Traning Process here at CBS for the past couple of years now and I feel it was a great choice to offer Benny a place here.  Since his arrival here, Benny has shown an incredible decrease in the energy he would display prior to his Aggression episodes and has pretty much not tried to bite anyone in many, many months. Well, except for Danielle (our Groomer)! Benny has a pretty strong Negative Association with being bathed…but we’re working on it!

We’ve got loads of love for my little Circus Dog!