Breed: Rottweiler
DOB: Approx 2 yrs old
Weight: 74 Lbs.
Gender: Female/Spayed (Fs)
Nicknames: Leesy
Role: Balanced Dominant Female

Liesel is our most recent addition to the incredible Pack Dynamic here at CBS Inc. If you know much about me, I am a huge Rottie fan. Liesel was expertly and lovingly cared for and is very well-behaved and behaviorally balanced.  It was not behavior issues that led her to us.

Her story is bittersweet. Her previous owner is the mother of one of my closest and dearest friends. Since Liesel was obtained as a young puppy, she lived in the home of my friend’s mother and she offered doggie daycare to a few owners with well-behaved dogs.  So Liesel was raised with loving guidance and lots and lots of socialization.

In 2016, my dear friend’s mom became ill, was hospitalized and could no longer care for her dogs. As soon as I heard this, I extended space to the family dogs and offered to help in any way possible.  Soon after, it became clear that the dogs would not be able to be returned back home and that homes were being sought.  It took about 5 seconds for me to come to my senses and offer a permanent place for Liesel, here in our Pack.

Liesel is such an incredible asset to any “pack” and we are so fortunate to have her living with us…