Breed: Norfolk Terrier
DOB: 5/26/2007
Weight: ~10 Lbs.
Gender: Female/Spayed
Hometown: Westerly, RI
Nickname(s): Pumpkin, Robbie-B

Oh, the lovely Robin! Robin is one of the sweetest dogs we’ve the pleasure of caring for here (no offense to all the other super sweet dogs out there!).  Add to that, she’s one of the most frequent Boarders….well, that’s all wonderful news to us!

On October 29, 2008, when she was 9 months old, Robin found her forever home after leaving her breeder in Knoxville Tennesee bound for Westerly RI. She has lived ever since with a wonderful couple who adore her to death.  So much so that Robin gets to take yearly trips to Paris and according to her owners, she’s quite the Parisienne Mademoiselle and even gets a “coiffeur” at Hodochic!

All pampering aside, Robin has been such an integral part of our process here in the way that she helps other small breed dogs by exuding her trademark calm confidence (except when she see’s my cat!), during her frequent Boarding stays, regardless of what’s going on!  Robin truly helps to “steady the sails” whenever she graces us with her presence.

It’s because of all the incredible assistance, as well as her incredible sweetness, that I decided to offer her a spot as an Honorary Pack Member…to which she thankfully accepted!

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