Breed: Yorkie-Poo
DOB: 10/1/2006
Weight: 18 Lbs.
Gender: Female/Spayed (Fs)
Nickname(s): Tessie Woo, Woo-Woo
Role: The Old Lady

Tess joined the pack in early 2009 from Portsmouth RI.  All of her life Tess has had issues.  As a puppy in her first year of life, what started out as a game where her well-meaning owners played “chase the light” with a laser-pointer, eventually turned into a very serious case of Canine Compulsive Disorder (CCD).  By the time she was one year old, she incessantly chased any and all shadows and reflections.  Even to the point of running into walls and hurting herself.  At about age 2, she was clinically diagnosed (with CCD) by a local Veterinary Behaviorist, and put on Fluoxetine (Prozac).


Time passed with very little to no relief for Tess until her exhausted owner called us. After 10 weeks of rehabilitation with the Pack, Tess was Prozac free and no longer chasing reflections.  She had shed a few extra pounds, and was heading for a bright future.  Unfortunately for her owners, they just were not able to make the necessary changes to their environment in order to maintain the positive changes we had made in her rehabilitation with the Pack.  So, after much discussion, we agreed to add Tess to our ever-expanding “gang”.  Since then she has played an integral role in helping the smaller breeds acclimate to the pack.

Her soft nature and sweet demeanor make her a favorite among human visitors as well as my young daughter who Tessie adores!