Breed: Australian Shepherd
DOB: 4/22/2015
Weight: 60 Lbs.
Gender: Male/Neutered (Mn)
Hometown: Andover, MA
Nickname(s): Aahss, Monkey, Ding Dong, Punky

Martin is a very special dog. Not only special to me, but also in the general world of dogs.  I have to give props to his owner and my dear friend for taking the lead and following a philosophy of balanced behavior before self-gratification.  He put Martin’s needs ahead of his own and in doing so allowed Martin to develop into one of the most socially adept dogs I’ve ever met.  Whenever Martin comes here to visit, which is nowhere near enough (hint, hint Mr. W), I know I can put him to the task at what he does best and that’s helping other dogs be better dogs themselves. Plain and doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

Many dogs can “get along” with other dogs but dogs that can read a situation and adjust their own behavior accordingly…but with intent and purpose, that’s the kicker.  Some dogs can negotiate lots of different dynamics…but Martin can not only negotiate just about any canine situation but he does it with ease and the kind of confidence that I rarely see.  It’s such a pleasure to watch him work and to be able to help him get even better at what he does.  Just a great dog with a great owner.  Perfect combination.